Monday, January 30, 2023



DHS Released 1,100 criminals From Detention in December

Without borders, we have no country. But what we are suffering under is worse than that. We have a ruling class at war with its own people.

Criminals free despite extension of border rule, spaces made for migrant surge now empty

By: Stephen ...

‘Young, Healthy’: Famed Olympic Bobsledder and Rugby Player Suddenly Dies at 35

It's every day now.

Australian Olympic bobsledder, Simon Dunn has #DiedSuddendly at the age of 35. As usual, no cause of death was given but Dunn was healthy as a horse. #SuddenDeaths2023 #VaccineDeaths #StoptheShotsNow #mRNA #DiedSuddenlyNews ...

MASSIVE CORRUPTION SCANDAL: Top Ukrainian Officials Resign After Blowing Billions of US Dollars on Cars, Mansions, and Vacations

While Americans struggle to buy food, fuel, eggs, baby formula AND pay obscene taxes, Ukraine Nazis live high on the hog on your blood, sweat and tears….

The Democrats and their RINO lapdogs hate you.

Tyler Durden writes:

The ...

Iranian Protesters Sentenced To Death Endured Weeks Of “Gruesome Torture”

The Biden Administration still remains determined to appease Iran’s leaders to revive the fatally flawed Iran Nuclear Deal. A deal that will enable Iran to manufacture nukes, fund more terrorism, and subjugate it’s citizens even further. It's ...

Federal Judge Blocks Gavin Newsom’s Gag Order on COVID ‘Misinformation’

California Politburo chief Gavin Newsom is a rising star on the Left and is even being touted as a possible 2024 Democrat presidential candidate. This is anomalous in the extreme in light of the fact that Newsom is energetically destroying ...

US Air Force General Mike Minihan Predicts China War in 2025, Tells His Officers To Prepare

The Biden Administration has degraded America's deterrence and credibility. This is the result. China invading Taiwan seems to be inevitable. Never would have happened under President Trump.

This never would have happened if the Democrat party ...

RNC is Dead: Ronna McDaniel Wins RNC Chair Race Despite Being a Despised Failure With Ratings in The Toilet

The GOP rewards incompetence again. Ronna McDaniel keeps her position as Republican National Committee chair, despite three disastrous election cycles for the Republican Party since 2018. Under McDaniel's leadership, the Republican Party will ...

WATCH: The World’s First National Trans Figure Skater In An Unforgettable Performance

You think you've seen everything? Nope. Apparently that he/she/it can't skate is of no import.

They fall down in the first 45 seconds and no one is allowed to act like anything at all happened.

BREAKING: Finland has introduced the world's ...


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