Monday, January 30, 2023

DR BEN CARSON PRESENTS: The REAL history of America



Are you worried about what kids are learning in school today? I know I am.

That's why I wanted to do something about it by creating the Little Patriots Program.

The Little Patriots Program provides a curriculum for grades K-5 that teaches the REAL history of America.

We provide this curriculum free of charge for parents, grandparents, guardians, homeschoolers, and teachers.

We are also working with conservative Hollywood producers to create a tremendous cartoon series called "Star Spangled Adventures" that helps explain each lesson in a fun and entertaining way.

We have big plans for more lessons and more cartoons, but we need your help to keep them free for those who need them.

That's why I am emailing you today.

I have written a brand-new children's book, Red, White, and Blue: Our Flag Matters to Me and You, to teach kids why we stand for our American flag and the freedoms it represents.

Dr. Ben Carson

I wanted to send it to you for a gift of $25 or more.

All the proceeds from the book will go directly back to supporting our Little Patriots Program so we can keep making curricula and cartoons that show the history of America.

This is the easiest way to help us make sure we are giving our children the best possible resources.

Your gift of $25 or more today will help us reach more children and you'll also receive a copy of Red, White, and Blue: Our Flag Matters to Me and You with my compliments.


Dr. Ben Carson
Founder and Chairman, American Cornerstone Institute

Your donation to ACI helps us to focus on our mission of promoting and preserving individual and religious liberty, helping our country’s most vulnerable find new hope, and developing methods to decrease the federal government’s role in society and to improve efficiency to best serve ALL our nation’s citizens.

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