Sunday, December 18, 2022

 Stewart Reeves submits:

S.Africa: White man is kidnapped - ransom is paid - and Black still execute him!!

[The ransom for him was R350,000 which is about $20,300 - not much in American money. He was ransomed for that, and they paid the money to the Blacks and the Blacks just went and executed him anyway. Life is very cheap in Africa. Plus, you don't get executed for murder, etc. There are photos of the White guy at the source link below. Jan]

Midrand businessman Kevin Soal 'executed' by kidnappers

Hours earlier, R350k was transferred out of his bank account

16 December 2022 - 15:30

Specialist investigators are hot on the heels of a gang which allegedly kidnapped and murdered prominent Midrand businessman Kevin Soal.

The 68-year-old was reported missing earlier this week, just hours before he was found to have been shot, execution-style, in Olifantsfontein.

Soal’s devastated family has mandated private investigator Mike Bolhuis of Specialised Security Services to work with police on the case. Bolhuis’s business deals primarily in serious violent and economic crimes.

“I received a call from Mr Soal’s daughter at 9pm on Wednesday and then I was contacted by some other interested parties,” Bolhuis told TimesLIVE.

He put together a specialist task team headed by investigator Phil Vermeulen.

According to Vermeulen, Soal owned a property in Glen Austin, near Grand Central Airport, where he had an eviction order issued on the tenant.

“We can place him on that property at 10.38am on Wednesday. Then at 3pm on the same premises, money was transferred out of his account. The first transaction was for R100,000 and then a second for R250,000,” Vermeulen said.

At 4.30pm Soal’s white Mercedes-Benz was found abandoned on a soccer pitch in Thembisa, close to the AfriSam waste dump.

A short while later, a witness in Olifantsfontein reported hearing gunshots and seeing a white minibus with black stickers stating “Staff Only” racing away. The police were called and the body of a white man who had been shot dead was found.

Don’t flaunt your bling on social media — that will make you a target

Private investigator Mike Bolhuis

“We know Kevin was taken to a secluded spot and forced down on his knees. Then he was kicked in the back and shot twice in the head,” Bolhuis said.

“We are still busy with investigations and I don’t want to say how far we are. But we are following up a lot of information. At this stage we only know about the money that was transferred, but we are following up on other possible motives too.”

He cautioned people to take precautions as this type of crime was on the increase.

“The public needs to be warned to be careful about how they portray their lifestyle on social media, especially if they are strong financially. Don’t flaunt your bling and holiday houses. Be careful of showing your car and number plate in the background of a selfie.

“That kind of stuff will make you a target.”

Police spokesperson Col Noxolo Kweza said she could confirm only that police have opened a kidnapping and murder docket and have been investigating since the victim disappeared.


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