Sunday, December 18, 2022



Weekend Edition, December 17-18, 2022


Descent Into Public Health Totalitarianism

David Stockman

Truth And Consequences

James Howard Kunstler

The Kindness of Strangers

Theodore Dalrymple

Reclaiming the Right to Free Speech

Alexandra Bruce

Dialogue With a Narrative Believer

Margaret Anna Alice

Santa Clara County’s Fake Covid Statistics

Igor Chudov

Post-Faucist America

Lloyd Billingsley

Crossing The Rubicon: DeSantis Covid Vaccine Grand Jury

Dr. Joseph Sansone

Crystal-Clear Vision – The Ancient History of Eyeglasses

Ancient Origins

Your Serve

Bionic Mosquito

Musk vs. Fauci

Kennedy Hall

Are Late Dinners Wrecking Your Health?

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Political Theatre

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