Monday, December 26, 2022

 Stewart Reeves submits:

Migrant caravans receive escort by Mexican authorities to Texas border, El Paso overwhelmed

KAREN TOWNSEND 1:31 PM on December 12, 2022

AP Photo/Christian Torrez

Fox News Channel’s Bill Melugin is reporting that Mexican authorities escorted a caravan of 20 buses carrying migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border. The migrants were dropped off and waded across the river into El Paso. This is new. Not only is this amount of migrants an escalation, but the Mexican authorities providing an escort for them to the border is not something normally seen.

There seems to be a coordinated effort between the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) along the border and the Mexican officials.

El Paso is overwhelmed. In a 24-hour time span from Friday to Saturday, the El Paso sector had more than 2,600 migrant crossings. That was before the 20 buses filled with migrants arrived on Sunday night. The buses were stopped in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, turned over to NGOs and then released. They walked to the river, waded across, and were then in El Paso. There is no room for the thousands of migrants arriving in the processing facilities set up for them. So far, hundreds have been released into the streets of El Paso.

On Sunday evening, as temperatures hovered around 50 degrees, migrants could be seen huddled around several small campfires about 20 feet apart as they waited for agents to call them into the Border Patrol West Bridge processing camp in El Paso, Texas.

Early Sunday, buses carrying migrants arrived at the government-run Leona Vicario shelter in Juarez, which sits inside a former factory on a gated lot with soldiers patrolling the entrance. Soldiers fed the migrants and handed out water and warm clothes.

Is this the time that enough bad publicity over the porous southern border gets the attention of the Biden administration? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath. DHS Secretary Mayorkas, who keeps insisting that the border is closed, is coming to El Paso on Tuesday. According to one report, Mayorkas will meet with CBP employees, review operations, and meet with local officials and organizations.

Republicans are taking control of the House in January and Mayorkas is on the agenda of those they want to talk to in oversight hearings. Kevin McCarthy has already told Mayorkas to resign or be impeached. Perhaps he is going to El Paso now so that he can point to a recent trip to the border when he is called to testify before Congress. In recent weeks, Mayorkas has begun to aggressively push back against claims the border is open. He even went so far as to blame Republicans. He said Republican rhetoric on the open border is an invitation to smugglers. That takes some cojones.

So, hundreds of illegal aliens are being released into the streets of El Paso. Imagine what chaos this will create for city officials to handle. The soft-sided facility set up to process the migrants cannot keep up with the number of those showing up. All of this is before Title 42 officially ends in just 9 days. On December 21, the numbers of migrants flooding the border is expected to explode.

As crazy and dangerous as the situation on the southern border is, you likely would not know about it if you don’t watch Fox News. The other cable news channels don’t even have the border on their radar. They are happy to cover for the Biden administration and ignore the Biden border crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis that is unsustainable. Even after a caravan of 20 buses with a Mexican escort brought migrants to the border, it’s crickets from other networks.

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