Monday, December 26, 2022



China Sends 39 Warplanes, 3 Ships Toward Taiwan in 24 Hours

With the weak Biden Administration in charge of America, and the pathetic Republican Party opposition, China's bullying of Taiwan (and other nations) will continue. Be prepared for the possibility of China launching a military invasion of Taiwan in ...

Victims of Palestinian Terrorism Sue Biden Admin for Sending Taxpayer Aid to Palestinian Authority

Under President Trump, the Palestinian Authority was defunded by the United States, due to it's financial support of jihad terrorists. The Biden Administration came into office and renewed the aid. Since the renewal of the aid, Israel has seen a ...

Merry Christmas: Israel’s Christian Population Thriving, New Data Ahows

The Christian population in Israel is thriving. Unlike Unlike other Muslim countries under sharia law or the areas controlled areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, were Christians have been cleansed, persecuted, and relegated to ...

Muslim Democrat Minneapolis City Councilman ‘Where’s Hitler When You Need Him?’:

These vile democrats and say anything do anyting and they are heralded, exalted by the elite axis of pwoer. But those of us that call attention to it and defend against it or smeared, defamed and destroyed, relagted to the outermost fringe of ...

COVID mRNA Vaccines Increase Risk of Infection

We were right about everything – in spades. And worse still, we were banned, suspended and shadowbanned for posting about it on social media. Facebook still kicks you off the platform if you are vaccine critical. I just came off a one month ...
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