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Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said, Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word: For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.
Luke 2:28-32 KJV

Shalom Tevet Blessings Mishpacha

Situation WW3 Updates 12/26/22 Card House Imploding - Veklury - Dancing Nurses - Biometric Updates

vid> (45:59) 12/26/22 JULIE GREEN


Nicole Sirotek RN - Remdesivir / Veklury
vid> (0:46)
American Frontline Nurses


William Bissell reports ... dancing for satanic death
#NeverForget The Dancing Nurses
vidlinx> (2:19) 12/18/22 GitmoTV - TRIBUNALS for JUSTICE
Page after page of dancing Nurses  Right Smack dab in the heart of the PLANDEMIC?  WHAT???     EMPTY???     EMPTY???     EMPTY???     EMPTY???     EMPTY???  


New Disney Series Depicts Children Saying “We Love You Satan”

In Disney’s new Christmas mini-series, The Clauses, the network depicts children dancing with letters that are supposedly supposed to spell out “we love you Santa,” but the kids “accidentally” got mixed up and spelled “Satan” instead. You may think it’s just a funny joke but think long and hard about what the long-term damage of such things is to young, impressionable minds. Honestly, this is exactly what makes it so difficult for some people not to look at the entire drama surrounding Christmas and just want to avoid it altogether.

Here is the proof ... keep your children safe from this satanic filth ...
The 'We Love You Satan' From Disney+ Movie 'The Santa Clauses'
vid> (0:22) 11/30/22 Now The End Begins

WATCH: Kids carry Disney's holiday message: 'We love you Satan'
'They don't hide their agenda anymore'
Disney has been in trouble lately. After the company adopted an aggressive pro-LGBT ideology and began installing it in products for children, unhappy parents canceled subscriptions, movie attendance collapse and its stock plunged. Now the company's agenda appears to not only include condemning traditional marriage beliefs, but promoting Satan.
Once you see it you can't unsee it ... any ?s


BIOMETRIC UPDATES for December 26, 2022


Situation Update, Dec 26, 2022 - Ancient Apocalypse and the extinction threat
of COMET STRIKES impacting Earth
vid> (1:23:11) HRR

COVID-19 injectable bioweapons as case study in legalized, government-operated domestic bioterrorism.

Or: why there won’t be any civil suits, or compensatory damages for injured victims or survivors of dead victims.


Jersey Les reports ...
Deputy Assistant Drag Queen Nuclear Freak Steals More Luggage

Sam Brinton, nonbinary Biden official, stole jewelry worth $1,700 in second luggage theft: police
Biden official's rainbow-colored T-shirt design helped authorities crack case, police report says

vid> Who is Viktor Bout, the ‘Merchant of Death’ the US traded for Brittney Griner?

Is Brittney Griner Transgender and Was He Born a Man or Woman?
Brittney Griner isn’t a transgender, and she wasn’t born a man; instead, the WNBA star is a female who declared herself a lesbian in 2013.

What is the difference between EAS and EBS?
The EBS was the old alert system but was replaced in 1994 with the new EAS, the main differences is the transmission of each alert
Here is an article:

The Ecology of CONELRAD / EBS / EAS
1951 to 2009 - Helpful Facts and Information

Emergency Broadcast System


Kitty Hawk reports ...
Nine Great Reasons to Move Your Family to Russia (And Three Reasons to Stay Home)

When the whole Putin/Zelensky war started, and America’s decline became so evident you couldn’t deny it, I said, “Perhaps we should immigrate to Russia.”  Now, I learn it isn’t a joke. Wholesome families with traditional values continue leaving the West, settling in various towns in Russia’s Golden Ring.
1) The GloboHomo LGBT Rainbow Mafia is not allowed to force their views down your throat here.
2) You won't get called a “racist” every five seconds.
3) The American military industrial complex has no power here.
4) There are gazillions of Orthodox churches and vibrant Orthodox Christian communities here.
5) Inexpensive, fertile, beautiful land is in abundance here.
6) Taxes in Russia are super low.
7) If you have savings, it will last much longer here
8) Russia is technologically advanced.
9) Russian culture is very rich.
Fr. Joe’s Newsletter - Moving to Russia - Escaping America & Western Europe

Russia Beyond



vid> Biden's midterm report card: Americans grade him on economy, immigration,
foreign relations and climate change. People from various states rated Biden's leadership across the gamut

vid> South Korea fires warning shots, scrambles aircraft after North Korean drones cross border
North Korean drones entered South Korean airspace for the first time since 2017 on Monday

vid> Kirk Cameron to appear at two public libraries even as residents call his agenda 'ugly' and 'unwelcome'
'We do not have to feed his craving for attention,' said a resident ahead of Cameron's library events

vid> How to get in touch with Amazon customer service directly
Here's an amazing shortcut to get human help easier and faster at Amazon

vid> Winter storm kills at least 12 in New York, with more deaths expected to be announced
Seven people have now died in Erie County, New York, due to the weather

vid> Russia launches missiles on Ukrainian towns on Christmas, claims Ukraine military
Ukraine's military said early on Monday that Russian forces had shelled dozens of towns

vid> Chicago police witness double shooting before firing back
Chicago police officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative duties for the next 30 days,hp1r

vid> Texas flight attendant pleads guilty to smuggling fentanyl in California
DOJ says Terese L. White pleaded guilty to using her privileges to get through security to smuggle drugs

vid> Washington burglars take out three power substations on Christmas
Pierce County Sheriff's Office officials said three substations were vandalized on Christmas morning

vid> Dog in England sets house on fire after turning on hairdryer
The homeowner and the dog were treated for smoke inhalation

vid>  How the Yule log tradition evolved from an ancient Viking ritual
Yule logs today come in the form of cakes and hours-long videos. Traditionally, however,
the logs fueled fires that celebrated winter, family and the coming of longer, sunnier days.

vid> Connecticut community rallies together after Christmas food donations stolen:
It's like a 'Hallmark movie'. Connecticut resident Rick Bollash said he received more donations this year than he ever has in the past

vid> King Charles III honors mother Queen Elizabeth II, grief in first Christmas speech: 'We feel their absence'

vid> Another above-average wildfire season for 2022.
How climate change is making fires harder to predict and fight.



Ben Davidson reporting ...
Weakening Field, CME/Coronal Hole, LLSVPs | S0 News Dec.26.2022
vid> (2:44)

Did a CRAFT Just Get Caught Harnessing CME Energy from Our SUN?
vid> (5:08) 12/25/22 In2ThinAir

New york turns into an ocean! flash floods, cyclone bombs & huge waves hit new york
vid> (8:40) 12/24/22 Lebak Tv
Major flooding overwhelmed parts of Long Island, New York City and the Jersey Shore earlier Friday, with strong onshore winds combining with high tide to strand cars in what appeared to be multiple feet of water. Nassau County's Freeport, Baldwin Bay and Hempstead Bay saw major coastal flooding, with water levels recorded at 7.2 feet at 8 a.m. Friday.

vid> Wet And Snowy Week Ahead For Much Of The West December 25, 2022
The final week of 2022 will be a wet one for much of the West.

vid> Some Dark Chocolate Bars Found To Have Potentially Unsafe Levels Of Heavy Metals December 20, 2022
- A new study by Consumer Reports found levels of cadmium and lead in 23 of 28 dark chocolate bars
tested that exceeded the levels deemed safe in California.


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