Monday, September 12, 2022


Many On The Left Claim Patriotism Is A Dirty Word

For weeks after terrorists used four hijacked jetliners to murder 2,977 people at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, the mood around the nation was somber. Those in New York held a vigil behind a black iron fence, dubbed the "grieving wall" at St. Paul's Chapel, across Church Street from ground zero. They mourned together, waving American flags and singing patriotic songs about America, vowing to avenge the death of their fellow patriots.

Chief Justice John Roberts Defends Legitimacy Of Court

Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday defended the authority of the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution, saying its role should not be called into question just because people disagree with its decisions. "If the court doesn't retain its legitimate function of interpreting the constitution, I'm not sure who would take up that mantle."

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Kamala Harris On The Filibuster, Citizenship For Illegals, Abortion 'Rights'
Vice President Kamala Harris blasted the Supreme Court, voiced concern about the status of U.S. democracy and called for a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in a wide-ranging interview aired Sunday.

America Has Become 'The Purge' Country -- Leave Cities Now
"America is now The Purge country," said Posobiec. "Go look at a city like Memphis, Tennessee. Where kindergarten teachers can't go out for a jog in the morning without being murdered, and possibly raped, where people are running around ...

Gun Control: Gun, Ammunition Purchases By Credit Card Will Be Coded
The international organization responsible for creating merchant category codes for credit card purchases has given its approval to establish one for transactions made at gun stores. The International Organization for ...

California Politicians Make Fools Of Themselves Again
In California, a historic heat wave has exposed yet again what big idiots the politicians in Sacramento are. To prevent daily rolling blackouts in Beverly Hills like the ones they have in places like Ghana, Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked us to ...

Portland Residents With Disabilities Sue City For Allowing Homeless Encampments, Tents To Block Sidewalks
Ten Portland residents with physical disabilities filed a lawsuit late Tuesday afternoon against the city of Portland alleging the city failed ...

White House Buys 100M COVID-19 Tests, Calls On Congress For More Funding
To prepare for an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the fall, the federal government has purchased an additional 100 million at-home rapid tests from domestic manufacturers, the White House said Thursday.

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VP Targets 'Activist' SC Justices Over 'Right' To Kill The Unborn

Manchin Having Trouble Collecting On Democrat Promises

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