Monday, September 12, 2022


 Submitted by: J Cryots

Hi All, I was at the event with about 100 others from Calvary Chapel Star.  We went to pray on the capital steps.  Talked with several gay people and their thinking is incomprehensible.  I asked
one fellow waving a gay pride flag,  "Do you believe in Pedophilia? Zoophilia (bestiality)? the sexualization of children as young as 4 or 5 yrs. of age?"  His response to me was that all forms of love are acceptable!  Any way one of the reasons the Gay Pride Parade was cancelled, the police had received 3 bomb threads.  The other reason Target, Fred Meyer, etc.a lot of the family stores were receiving
phone calls asking why were these corporations sponsoring deviant events.  A third action threatened lawsuits for violations of lewd conduct in front of children.  Idaho laws are fairly strict.  I think Californian immigrants are having an impact on Idaho.  We don't want to see a repeat of what happened in California.  I didn't go today, to protest the Drag Queen Reading Hour, so I don't know how todays events went, but I can certainly say, this yearly event may have a very difficult time being slated for next year! 

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