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As the crisis at our southern border worsens, the Left seems to be up in arms and offended about everything except the crisis itself.

I haven't heard a peep about the millions of people who are being told by Biden they can just walk freely into our country. I haven’t heard a peep about these people being used and abused by the cartels.

There’s been no outrage over immigrants drowning in the Rio Grande. No outcries about the 50 immigrants found dead in the back of a truck in Texas.

I’ve heard no outrage about any of that.

The reality is, Friend, illegal immigrants are crossing the border and being left on the streets in border towns. Reject Biden’s open border policy >>>

Biden and the virtue-signaling Left don’t care about the safety of migrants illegally entering our country, and they don’t care about the safety of Floridians and the communities across America being destroyed by traffickers, smugglers, and dangerous drugs freely flowing into our country.

The regime isn’t doing anything to solve the crisis at the border because this isn’t a crisis Biden inherited, it’s a crisis Biden created.

Joe, the woke Left, and their corporate press lapdogs are strategically ignoring that the problem at our border exists.

Failed Border Czar Kamala Harris is dealing with the crisis by simply declaring the border is secure, claiming there is no crisis. Biden is asserting that there are actually fewer migrants coming in through our southern border.

The reality is, the border is more open than ever before under Biden’s watch and we’ve had more illegal crossings take place under his administration than at any other time in our nation’s history.

This is not a situation where Biden tried his best and it just didn’t work. This was an intentional action Biden took to reverse policies that were effective.

The Left has been chirping about political stunts to deflect from the real issues happening at the border, but the biggest political stunt by far has been Biden coming in as president and reversing policies that worked just to virtue signal to his base. Fight back >>>

Joe was willing to risk the security of our nation and the safety of our communities to gain brownie points with his extremist base.

The impact of Biden’s border crisis has left our communities ravaged by destruction and despair. The sheer volume of the cartel’s dangerous drugs being brought in at such a rapid pace, it’s nearly impossible for local communities to tackle.

Biden’s refusal to take any action is devastating American communities across the United States with fentanyl now the number one cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18-45.

Americans are being victimized by criminal aliens illegally crossing the border.

These crimes are especially hard to stomach because if Biden would’ve just done his job, the crime would have never happened.

The fact of the matter is, Friend, the false outrage from the Left has nothing to do with humanity or decency – it has to do with Democrats’ seemingly inherent need to posture themselves as morally superior. Hold the Left accountable >>>

There is a simple answer to our problem: secure the border.

We need leaders with integrity who are willing to put the American people above their political standings. Biden and his pocket puppets, like my opponent, wouldn’t know the meaning of integrity if it were printed on a rubber wristband or written in 78-point font on a teleprompter.

I’m working hard to keep the Left’s extremism out of Florida, but I need your help to stop them.

My mission to Keep Florida Free will require the help of every supporter. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as our country slips further into chaos and destruction.

Can I count on your immediate support? Rush in a donation today >>>




For freedom,
Ron DeSantis

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