Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Submitted by: P McMillan
Wow everyone! You guys have been absolutely incredible! You may not realize it but each of you have impacted the mindset of our republican politicians and they have been reaching out to me letting me know.

I need you for one very important task before Christmas approaches. I'm heading to Washington DC after Christmas to sit down and get this wall funded with our politicians.

You might ask how will I do this? Well this petition I have created adds another layer of support to show our politicians. Have you all signed it yet. YOU are making this happen but what I need is for you to email it to everyone you know and ask them to sign it. Post it on your social media as much as possible encouraging everyone to share it. We need MILLIONS of signatures to show congress and senate Americans want this wall. 

I'm fighting for Americans, I'm sacrificing my personal time and putting our country first; something I learned in the military. Please stand with me as I do this.
Please share this link and statement below everywhere, we made a post for you, just copy the entire thing below: 

Friends & Family - Please sign the OFFICIAL Border Wall Petition that Brian Kolfage will hand deliver to DC this week. He needs millions of signatures to get the border wall funding passed and it's up to us! LETS GET IT DONE!


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