Thursday, November 16, 2017


 Today's Headlines

Council Cracks Down on ‘Islamophobia’ After Parents Withdraw Children from School Mosque Trips

When is this rabid proselytizing for Islam in the public schools going to stop?

The Purpose of Islamic “Dawa” Is To Sow The Seeds of Hate

While the West is engaged in combating "hate speech," "Islamophobia," and white hegemonic groups , it seems more than willing to ignore the cultivation of Muslim hate speech and hegemonic behavior toward non-Muslims.

“Hitler wasn’t the bad guy”: Jew-hater Nasreen Khan resigns from the UK Labour Party

UKLabour candidate Nasreen Khan who said “Hitler wasn’t the bad guy” and “What have the Jews done good in this world?” has withdrawn her application and resigned from the party.

Iran and Iraq Refuse Israel’s Humanitarian Aid After Devastating Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Injures Thousands

Muslim countries would prefer to their Muslim citizens suffer and die than accept help from the Jews. It tells you everything you need to know about their racist, hate-filled ideology.

Hate Crimes Targeting Jews Rise for Second Year in a Row

While Islamic supremacists and their left elite media lapdogs pimp the isalmophobia narrative, reality if far different. Jewish Americans have bee the victim of the majority of religiously motivated hate crimes continuously since 1996, the earliest year for which the FBI has reported statistics. The number of hate crimes targeting Jews have increased year-on-year for the past two years. 2015 saw a 9 percent increase over the preceding year, and 2016's 20 percent bump confirms this change in trend.

Terror-Tied Students for Justice in Palestine Threatens Free Speech on Campus

The anti-Israel national campus organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a terror-affiliated, anti-free speech organization endangering American campuses, according to a new report from a Jerusalem research institute.

Report: Migrants Make up 90 Per Cent New Households over Past Decade

Successive British governments have been accused of misleading the public on mass migration’s effect on the housing crisis, in a report revealing migrants headed 90 per cent of new households in England over the past decade.

Islamic State’s Audio Clip Calls For Las Vegas-Style Jihad Attack: “In Las Vegas, one of our supporters killed many people at a music concert”

Islamic State’s audio clip calls for Las Vegas-style jihad attack on India. "In Las Vegas, one of our supporters killed many people at a music concert."

‘UK in Major Crisis’ as Migration Faulted as ‘True Cause of the Housing Shortage’

Mass migration into the United Kingdom is driving up housing prices, making it nearly impossible for citizens to find homes in their price ranges. Thanks for the situation go to liberal Muslim apologists and open-borders politicos who wave magic wands over the borders to welcome in migrants and refugees.

YouTube finally removes jihad terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki’s videos

YouTube, the world’s most popular video site, has allowed hundreds of hours of Mr. Awlaki’s talks to be within easy reach of anyone with a phone or computer.

Nikki Haley: Venezuela a ‘Violent Narco-State’ and ‘Global Threat’ to Security

Nikki Haley has some tough words for socialist Venezuela, and they go like this: You're a danger to the world.

Ontario Arabic-Language Newspaper Blames Jews For the Holocaust

A story in an Arabic-language newspaper distributed around parts of Ontario outright blames Jews for the Holocaust.

SF Chronicle: “American democracy has a long history with Islam and Shariah law”

Here is yet more of the endless propaganda for Islam that the enemedia constantly inundates us with.

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