Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Government Has Americans Conned Six Ways From Sunday

The environmental obsession to wean the planet off of fossil fuels has blown up into an insanity all its own.  Next to man-caused global warming (climate change) the deadly game that governments have played to convince people to disconnect themselves from the wonders of efficient crude oil using the force of government, is the biggest ruse every perpetrated on the masses since the dawn of civilization...........
by Ron Ewart.

Minneapolis Protesters To Mayor Betsy Hodges: “Stop Terrorizing Us!”

As you may have heard, on July 15th, Justine Damond was shot and killed in her pajamas after calling 911 of a suspected crime in progress.  Justine was speaking to a Somali Muslim police officer named Mohamed Noor, whom Mayor Betsy Hodges approved and praised and was somehow fast tracked to become a Minneapolis police officer with a badge and a gun........
by Bradlee Dean

The So-Called “Productive” Illegal Alien Will Break Up To 28 Laws

You see, in December 2016, Multnomah County became a “sanctuary county,” which means it refuses to work with federal immigration officials to deport people who have come into America illegally.  This also includes people who have a violent history and have multiple violations of U.S. immigration laws..........
by Jake MacAulay

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