Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Today's Headlines

New York Congressman Demands Investigation Into Iranian Funding of US Universities

Why stop there? Why not Saudi Arabia? Qatar? Jihad regimes have bought our universities lock, stock and barrel. Millions of Islamic dollars have poured into Harvard, Georgetown. etc The Saudis have lavished more than $200 million on top U.S. universities --Stanford, Cornell, Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, CalTech, Georgia Tech -

173-Man Islamic State Terror Team Headed Towards Europe

"It's easier for non-European operatives to slip into the continent than for European citizens of the terror group...."

Sharia USA: Court Rules Residents Can’t Mention “Islam” or “Muslim” At Public Hearing

This is sharia. This is a blasphemy ruling. Sharia commands Islamic supremacism, Muslims as a special class, and it's here. Sharia commands restrictions on speech concerning Islam. It's not a rumor, a maybe-what-if, it's here.

California Muslim: “I’m going to place a bomb in a gay club,” also wanted to murder 10,000 people

The irony is that LGBT leadership stands with adherents to this viciously homophobic ideology which calls for their slaughter.

Congressional Investigation Into Wasserman Schultz Muslim IT Spy Scandal Moves Forward

Maybe, just maybe, we will get to the bottom of this massive treasonous Muslim spy scandal.

LISTEN Leaked intern AUDIO of Jared Kushner: We “got the Israelis to take down the different forms of surveillance”

So now we know. The Trump administration forced Israel to remove security measures from the Temple Mount after the slaughter of Israeli police officers.
A couple of quick items: are senior members of the Trump administration so clueless that they allow phones or recording equipment into an off the record meeting?

UK Muslim who tried to smuggle bomb onto airplane was let go: cops didn’t realize it was a working explosive

Not to put too fine a point on it, but even if the bomb wasn't working, how could these craven quislings let him go? What happened to reason? Logic? Self-preservation?

SURPRISE: Iraqis Declare Support for Israel Over Temple Mount

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Arabic-language spokesperson on Sunday said he had received several messages of support from Iraqi citizens during the recent Palestinian uprising over the Temple Mount.

17-year-old Muslim girl charged with plotting terror attack at British museum

How did this understanding of Islam become so widespread? Are the mosques teaching against it? No. It is true Islam, authentic Islam. Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in mosques, even as several hundred young Muslims from the US have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic State.

 If the moderates really reject extremism, let them show it by instituting genuine programs to teach against this view of Islam.

UK: Muslim ringleader of child rape/sex trafficking gang to be released from prison 17 years early

My ban from the UK is longer than this savage spent in prison. This same judicial system that released this savage refuses to hear out appeal. Sharia in the UK. Among his other crimes, Mubarek Ali was pimping out young girls many as young as 12 to workers at a curry house for £150 sex sessions.

Garland Police refuse to release documents on FBI agent who colluded with jihadis two years after ISIS attack on AFDI Muhammad Art event

Police in Garland, Texas, are refusing to release documents that could show an FBI agent allowed a terrorist attack to go ahead in 2015.

In: John Kelly. Out: Obama’s Jihad Policy Chief at DHS

John Kelly scarecely took over his White House spot and already he's winning for this White House. Kelly's successfully outed a long-time Barack Obama hold-over who led up the prior administration's shielding of jihadists.

Kansas: Muslim gets 30 years for Fort Riley jihad bomb plot

Booker, 22, pleaded guilty on February 3, 2016, to attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to destroy government property by fire or explosion.

Girls Seeking Help With Forced Marriages in U.K. Hits All-Time High

The number of girls in Britain who are seeking help with forced marriages -- a mark of the Muslim community -- is hitting an all-time high.

ISIS in Germany: “Go to a hospital and calmly slay them”

My instructor knows about the shock that this murder caused worldwide. This is exactly what he wants to repeat. “Believe me, Akhi, it will fill their hearts with so much terror, because everybody can do this.”...
In order to remove any last doubts I might have, he promises me heavenly rewards for the murder: “It will also encourage many Muslims to do the same, and then you will receive your reward.”

7 kidnapped loggers found beheaded by jihadis in Philippines

Another country under siege by savage Muslim supremacists. Another major news story blithely ignored by our sharia-compliant media.

UK: Mubarek Ali, leader of Muslim child rape gang, to be freed 17 YEARS EARLY

Mubarek Ali, one of a number of member who helmed of the Telford-based gang, was sentenced to 22 years in jail for crimes including assaulting girls as young as 13.

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