Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Pulitzer Winning Journalist Ties Seth Rich to Wikileaks, MSM Ignores Him

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9/11 Flag Display Rearranged to Avoid “Triggering” College Crybabies

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Gore’s Home Highlights Global Warming Hoaxer’s Hypocrisy

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Trump Effect Hits GOP Fundraising, Surpasses Obama’s 6 Month Mark 
Kid Rock Leading GOP Senate Field in Latest Polling of Michigan Voters 
Two Can Play That Game: U.S. Tests Powerful ICBM in Show of Force 
CNN’s Jim Acosta Accosts WH Press Stand-In Stephen Miller on Immigration 
President Trump Pushes New Merit-Based Legal Immigration Scheme 
The Government has Wasted BILLIONS on “Ghost Soldiers” in Afghanistan 
A Time to Remember 
Gore Blames Europe Unrest on Global Warming, Shocked when Lifelong Fisherman tells Him the Sea hasn’t Risen 
Liberal Lawyer Defends Trump from Deep State 
Trump’s Border Checks for Cargo Trucks is Causing BIG Problems for the Cartels 

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Man Marries Laptop and Sues Baker who Won’t make Him a Wedding Cake 
News You Can Use for August 2, 2017 
YouTube to Begin Censorship Via Mob Rule as Internet Titans Turn Liberal
Child’s Public Park Party Pillaged by Black Lives Matter Racists 
More Global Warming Data Proven Hoaxed, This Time in Australia 
Border Wall Gets Head Start by Waiving EPA Regulations in California 
Trump Did NOT Push Seth Rich Story to Fox, Despite “Resistance” Insistence 
North Korea’s Strange Submarine Maneuvers Detected by U.S. Military 
The Three Stooges of Healthcare 
Trey Gowdy Slams Bureaucrats for Pretending Marijuana is Worse than Cocaine or Meth 
Fascism has Found a Home on the Left 
Pence Delivers Message of Resolve to NATO Troops in Estonia 
The Obamacare Death Spiral Continues to Spin Out of Control 
Are Embedded Microchip’s a Sign of End Times? 
Milky Way Galaxy 

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