Friday, August 4, 2017


Today's Headlines

Rocket Launcher found next to Quranic School in France

Madrassas and mosques must be monitored.

H. R. McMaster letter told Susan Rice she can KEEP HER SECURITY CLEARANCE

McMaster is aligned with the enemies of Trump and America. Read this letter.

Bus Seats or Burqas Causes Muslim Outrage

The question is, outside of submission, what doesn't inflame the Muslim world?
Muslim women should be inflamed that they are forced to wear those hideous garments that cover up their gender, their beauty, their womanliness.

“Peace partner” Presidential Guard: “watering freedom with the blood of Palestine’s sons”

Fueling the thirst for Jewish blood in the aftermath of Muslims' mayhem and murder at the Temple Mount, the so-called "moderate" Fatah Presidential Guard is cribbing from our own Thomas Jefferson to incite to "holy" slaughter.

**GRAPHIC VIDEO** Muslim teenager STABS shopper in supermarket in Israel

The Muslim jihad against the Jews rages on -- the enemedia shrugs and yawns. But dare criticize the hatred, bigotry and savagery endemic to Islam and you'll have an army of enemedia trolls all over you for "islamophobia.

Shariah Law 101 – How Islamic Law Functions In Court Cases

"If you want to be a man, that is, a Muslim, you need to bring a Qur'an and then - after you get blindfolded - pick at random a page in this holy book, then thrust your finger on the text so that your fingertip would rest on a piece of text in which there will be a message from Allah for you. Read it and understand its relation to your situation." This is the practical description of the essential method of an Islamic (Sharia) courtroom judge's procedure in arriving at a verdict! A child's game of blindfolds!

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Used to House Surge of Asylum Seekers from U.S.

The Olympic Stadium in Montreal has been turned into a refugee facility for the scores of asylum-seekers crossing into Canada from the United States.

EXILE: McMaster Being Moved to Afghanistan?

Stay tuned for big news today.

France: Muslim mob shouting “Allahu Akbar!” throws explosive at police officer

More jihad-related news censored, scrubbed from the sharia-compliant media.

American flag BANNED on Michigan school’s dress code list

Michigan school systems -- a Petri dish of the effects of the left/Islamic axis.

Australia: Synagogue BAN over Islamic terrorism risk

You cannot block mosque construction, the incubators, the hatcheries of Muslim terrorists, but you can block a synagogue because it will be a target of Muslim terrorism? The Aussies should block Muslim immigration, not synagogues.

Nigeria: Boko Haram ambushes oil exploration team, death toll hits 69

Experts said the attack — Boko Haram’s bloodiest this year — underscored the persistent threat it poses, despite government claims the group is a spent force.

ISIS tells “new pharaoh” Trump: While you watch Raqqa, we’ll conquer Rome and “Constantinople”

A Somalian militant affiliated to the Isis terror group is believed to have sent a warning message to US President Donald Trump. Referring to the head of state as the "new pharaoh", the Isis fighter explained the group's expansionist aims, suggesting fighters were ready to conquer "Constantinople [and] Rome".

McMaster FIRES Another Top Counter Jihad Official at National Security Council

One of the best people in the Trump National Security Council on jihad terror and the threat to the West was fired by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

Antifa fascists DEFEND Muslim leader’s claim that Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them – calling critics ‘racist’

A violent, left-wing extremist group has defended a leading Islamic businessman's claim Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them, calling his critics 'bigots' and 'racists'.

Lawmaker Fears Ivy League Universities Infiltrated by Pro-Iran, Anti-Israel Foundation

A U.S. lawmaker is concerned Iran, via an anti-Israel foundation, has infiltrated with funding some of America's top universities, and he wants Congress and the feds to launch an immediate investigation.

Life sentences for ‘Muslim Musketeers’ terror cell who plotting Lee Rigby-style attack

Look at the meat cleaver -- it was dedicated to us all with the word "Kafir" etched on the blade. Religion of peace.
For those who may have forgotten, Lee Rigby was beheaded by two Muslims in a "barbarous" killing on a London street, hacking his body "like a butcher attacking a joint of meat" after running him over.

New Jersey Muslim Pens Book, Creates Stuffed Toy to Fight ‘Islamophobia’

A Muslim author in New Jersey has created a new stuffed toy, and penned a book for children, in order to teach the very deceptive idea -- Islam is not violent. Right. And the tooth fairy lives.

Fatah Summer Camp Named After Terrorist Murderer Dalal Mughrabi

A summer camp sponsored by Fatah has been named after noted Islamic terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.

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