Friday, August 4, 2017


The Trump Economy is Booming

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A Wounded Warrior Speaks Up to Defend President Trump

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Where Does Maxine Get Her Money? Democrat Leader’s Tax Filings Raise Big Questions

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Bruce Willis’ Newest Movies has Liberals Enraged, Come See Why 
A “Whiff” of Fascism 
A Reflection about Marx, Soros and a Social Justice Warrior World 
Free Speech Warrior Dr. Jordan Peterson Destroys the Transgender Madness 
By Forcing Trump to Sign Russia Sanctions the Deep State Won Another Victory 
Special Counsel Mueller Impanels Grand Jury in Russia Investigation 
North Korea or Iran: Where will War come First? 
Guess who Created and Copied the Welfare State 
News You Can Use for August 4, 2017 
Trump’s Surgeon General Pick Schools Democrats on the Difference between Guns and Gun Violence 

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America Abandons Marriage at its Own Peril 
Calls for Criminal Investigation into Obama Administration over “Unmasking” Growing Louder by the Day 
How Al Gore Conned the Planet into Paying for His Carbon Footprint 
Puerto Rico Deserves to be #51 
The Real Reason some Republicans Hate Trump 
“New” Deal as Bad as the Last 
“Tolerant” Left Threatening Bridal Shop Over Religious Beliefs 
Trump DOJ Redacts Much of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Transcript 
Mitch McConnell Blasted By Billboards in Bluegrass State 
Leaked Transcripts of Trump Calls with Mexico, Australia Hit Press 
McMaster Has Tough Talk for Dainty DPRK Dictator Kim Jong Un 
New Poll Shows Less Than 15% of U.S. Wants Pot Prohibited 
If We Abolish the Welfare State, We wouldn’t Need a Border Wall 
News You Can Use for August 3, 2017 
Trump Effect Hits GOP Fundraising, Surpasses Obama’s 6 Month Mark

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