Friday, August 4, 2017


It could have earth-shattering impact and defeat the abortion industry.
Just hours ago, we filed a 2nd monumental pro-life Supreme Court case.
Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have already slaughtered nearly 550,000 defenseless babies this year - 106 innocent lives an hour.
Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills have been referred for criminal prosecution after being caught illegally selling these babies' body parts for profit. Yet they've escaped liability.

We're aggressively fighting back against Big Abortion in the biggest pro-life cases in the nation. Just hours ago we took this matter directly to the Supreme Court.
This is bigger than just a case against Planned Parenthood. This case is against the entire abortion industry.
Together these are the biggest abortion cases we've ever taken to the Supreme Court. It's a one-two punch. The first could literally save countless babies' lives. The second could devastate Big Abortion.
But we can't defeat the taxpayer-funded abortion industry without YOU. Now we've launched our August Matching Challenge. Today your gift will be DOUBLED to defeat Big Abortion at the Supreme Court.
Double Your Impact: $5 Becomes $10. $20 Becomes $40.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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