Sunday, July 23, 2017


10,000 Israelis Mourn 3 Terror Victims from Same Family; CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsHorrific Attack: How Do We Tell the Children? 'Muslims Won’t Remain Silent Over Temple Mount'; Gaza Rocket Fired at Israel; 'Murderers Won't Tell Us How to Search for Murderers' 
Senior Israeli Ministers Demand Death Penalty for Terrorist Who Slaughtered Family at Sabbath Table
WATCH: ‘Don’t Go in There Without a Gun!’
US State Dept Slammed for Blaming Israel for Palestinian Terror

10,000 Israelis Mourn Three Solomon Family Victims of Terror 
WATCH: Horrific Attack – What Do We Say to the Children? 
Terrorist Breaks Into Home in Samaria, Murders 3 Members of Same Family 
BDS Activist Ignores Slaughter of Jews, Praises Palestinian ‘Resistance’ 
WATCH: ‘We Deserve to Feel Safe in Our Homes’ 
Turkish Leader: Muslims Won’t Remain Silent Over Temple Mount 
WATCH: IDF Raids Home of Terrorist Who Slaughtered Family 
UN Chief Calls on Palestinians and Israelis to Show ‘Maximum Restraint’ 
Israeli Defense Minister: We Can Cope Without PA Security Coordination 
WATCH: ‘Murderers will Never Tell Us How to Search for Murderers’ 
Israeli Forces Arrest 25 Hamas Members 
WATCH: Remember the Kindness! 
Rocket Fired at Israel from Gaza Causes No Injuries
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