Sunday, July 23, 2017


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Horrific anti Israel protests in London, Muslims burn Israeli flags, clash with police during vigil for murdered Jewish family

These shocking displays of hate and bigotry shock the senses. In what world is this sanctioned, let alone 'respected'? The frenzied jigs of Muslims while kicking, burning and destroying Israel flags is pure evil.

Robert Spencer: The True Victims of “Islamophobia”

It’s time to begin to keep track of the victims of “Islamophobia.” Not the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes that all too often turn out to have been faked by Muslims themselves, but the real victims of “Islamophobia.”

Saturday Night Cinema: Madeleine

Tonight's Saturday Night Cinema is Madeleine directed by the master of cinema David Lean. Madeleine tells the true story of a 19th Century trial that scandalized the British Middle Classes. Where did the truth lie? - Watch and make up your own mind.

Swimming pool bosses put up signs telling Muslim migrants not to sexually attack women in Austria

Oh yes, that will work. Have people become so inured to islamization that this seems right and rational? Is this even remotely normal? And still, hundreds of thousands more migrants are being welcomed into these countries.

60 gravestones destroyed in 3 Connecticut Jewish cemeteries

Time for Jihad Sarsour to work her stooges in the press and scam some serious cash.

Pamela Geller to Keynote International Terrorism Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 17th and 18th

I will be be giving the keynote address at the International Terrorism Seminar, October 17th and 18th. Book it.

Lawyers for NYC Muslim Terrorist Bomber Argue: He’s Not a Terrorist

Lawyers for a terrorist bombing suspect are trying to argue -- get this -- their client's not a terrorist. What a novel approach.

“It’s absolutely sickening”: Justine Damond’s family OUTRAGED over Muslim cop lawyer’s demand for autopsy to check for Ambien

Typical of jihad operatives, the lawyer of the Muslim police officer who shot dead Justine Damond in cold blood is now smearing, defaming and libeling the victim. Exactly what they do to us for opposing jihad terror. Her family insists the health enthusiast, yoga instructor and meditation coach was not taking any meds but even if she was, so what? If every American who took Ambien deserved to be shot, half the country would be dead.

Cyclist-Witness to Muslim Cop Shooting of Justine Damond Comes Forward, Has Video

"This individual was seen bicycling eastbound on West 51st Street immediately before the shooting and stopped at the scene and watched as the officers provided medical assistance to Justine Ruszczyk," the statement also said. The cyclist may also have vital video evidence of the fatal shooting which left Ms Damond dead.

In wake of Muslim cop gunning down woman, Mayor Betsy Hodges urges Muslims to file hate crime claims

We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia....experiencing discrimination, file a complaint at…/discrimination-complaint

Mayor Betsy Hodges Changed Police Department Policy to recruit, hire Somali Muslims, says “that effort will continue”

Mayor Betsy Hodges instituted hiring policies in the police department to prioritize the hiring of Somali Muslims.

‘Palestinian Authority’ Increases Salaries to Terrorists by 13% in 2017

This is the aspiration of young Muslims and Muslim families in Israel and "disputed territories" in the region. Kill Jews in accordance with Islamic teachings, and your family will be taken care of for life. There are no rewards for humanity, only for savagery. There are no incentives to cure cancer, become a doctor, a scientist, a contributor to mankind -- theirs is but one life goal. Genocide.

French Politicians Play Political Games With Terrorism In France

In the battle against Islam as a political idea, it is absolutely essential to bring over to our Western intellectual side those people of Muslim heritage who are open and accessible to Western logic and to those Western concepts that can appeal to something in them that has transmuted itself away from the logic of Islam and the culture of an Islamic lifestyle.

Leaks to New York Times Allowed ISIS Caliph al-Baghdadi to ESCAPE

Obama holdovers, no doubt. He still has people in the U.S. government working to continue his policies of destroying America.
President Trump: purge, baby, purge.

Hamas Accidentally Admits Muslims Have Enjoyed ‘Complete’ Religious Freedom in Jerusalem

An English-language press release issued on Tuesday by the Islamist terror organization Hamas to protest the temporary closing of the Temple Mount by Israeli authorities following an attack there on Friday contained an unexpected, and possibly unintended, revelation.

Trump’s DHS thanks Hamas-CAIR’s Hassan Shibly for “years of support and partnership,” “looks forward to continuing our work with you”

Trump's DHS shouldn't be partnering with the likes of Hassan Shibly. It should be investigating the likes of Hassan Shibly.

Islamic Plot to Kill the POPE in Fatima, Portugal Foiled

The Pope has all but submitted to Islam. And yet it doesn't matter. More accommodation gives way to more demands, more submission, and in the end, they kill you anyway. So why not stand up and be righteous and fight for what's right?

Turkey’s new school curriculum drops evolution and will teach concept of jihad

" The move has fuelled fears President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is subverting the republic's secular foundations."

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