Sunday, July 23, 2017


Lawlessness In The Corridors Of Congress, Chamber Of The Supreme Court, And On All Levels

What happens when the law makers themselves become law breakers? Or what happens when those who are charged with enforcing the law also become law breakers themselves? In an police incident in our State’s Capital this past Christmas, a man was arrested by the police and $1500 cash was taken from him by the police but never returned. Just last month it appears that because a lawsuit was looming that city finally cut him a check for that amount but the incident is another very troubling example of civil asset forfeiture...........
by Rev. David Whitney.

Tribalism Explained

What does the word fair mean? In the world of liberal progressives, “fair” means pitting one group of people against another group, demanding that one side deserves more “fairness” than the other because of... you name it (it can be any excuse).  Liberals think in terms of divide and conquer class warfare.  They create “victims” within the groups they attack. Which groups?.........
by Marilyn M. Barnewall

Vaccines: Good Or Bad?, Part 8

America deserves the freedom to participate in the healthcare they want not what the government or even the large corporation demand.  This North Carolina bill is actually part of Obamacare but is being pushed by RINO Republicans. Globalists have infiltrated both parties but try to make it look like they are doing thing for the benefit of the people when in reality it is to benefit government and big corporations..........
by Pastor Roger Anghis

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