Thursday, July 6, 2017


The Power Of Apathy

I suppose he had never heard of the Lutheran Minister Dietrich Bonheoffer who was martyred at a Nazi gulag in 1945 just two weeks before the Allied forces liberated the camp.  He is credited with having said, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to act is to act. Not to speak is to speak.” Is there as anything in the world as powerful as apathy?..........
by Coach Dave Daubenmire.

Nancy-boy CNN Now Blackmailing Private Citizens Over Insults

So a private citizen “doctors up” a ten year old video of a scripted WWF event where Donald Trump takes down Vince McMahon. Instead of seeing McMahon’s face, we see a CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s face, giving us an illusion of Trump taking down CNN..........
by Chip McLean

No King But Caesar

So you don’t even need the hormones and the surgery. All a man has to do is *say* he’s a “woman,” and if you live in Canada, you can literally be sent to jail for using the “wrong” pronoun. Isn’t it amazing that there are people who think this is a good idea?.........
by Lee Duigon
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