Thursday, July 6, 2017


Submitted by: Kurt Wagner

Christianity, Judaism and Islam 

a comparison (by Petra Raab)

Christianity is a peaceful religion because it follows a peaceful man as a prophet.
If acts of violence are committed in the name of this religion, this has nothing to do with this religion, but people abuse this peaceful religion to live violence against others.
The religion itself, however, is peaceful through their peaceful prophet and his peaceable statements.

Furthermore, the New Testament, which is peaceful, applies to the Christians.
In the Old Testament, only bloodthirsty stories from that time were written down.
The teaching of Jesus involves the development of man towards himself.
It preaches of absolute peacefulness towards itself and to all others.
That means, Christianity promotes morality in man and reduces violence among themselves.

JudaismJudaism is a fairly simple religion.
Not for those who practice them, but for those who describe them.
Judaism has a few scriptures which they consider divine.
In it are incomprehensible many laws they try to somehow implement.
The basic pillars are also the 10 commandments, as in Christianity.
A Jew is glad when he can live his religion in peace, he doesn't matter about the others around him.
He does not really care if someone wants to convert to Judaism, because in general, this is too hard for any non-Jew anyways.
From Judaism, however, there is in itself no danger to humanity
The Jews do not want to promote conversion to all others.
They quietly and quietly live their laws in their chambers and leave the others alone, except of course the one has a Jewish mother.

IslamIslam is exactly the opposite of Christianity. Islam has a violent man as a prophet. A man who slaughtered unbelievers, enslaved women, deflowered children, and lived the violent energy to the point of excess.Muhammad has killed everyone in his way.Mohammed has led over 80 raids against peaceful people and has lived just the opposite of what Jesus preached.The God of Mohammed has ordered Mohammed to Islamicize the whole world, even and just by violence.Therefore many followers of Mohammed are not ashamed to carry out the will of God in the same way as Muhammad, because they believe that they are going to come to paradise.Violence is therefore not a fault against the divine, but a duty.People who stand in their way in their self-defense against the will of Allah can be slaughtered, because they do not follow the will of Allah. They insult him, so to speak.Muslims feel themselves as the right hand of Allah and only fulfill his will when they force infidels to convert to Islam or kill them in non-persecution or chase them out of the country. People who do not want to convert rebel against the will of their god and may therefore be killed.After all, it is the will of Allah that the whole world is Islamized, only then will there be peace.They feel themselves as soldiers of the Divine.This is the heart of Islam, namely to conquer all others and make them Muslims.That is why Islam promotes global violence.The few peaceful sayings from the Koran, with which the Muslims want to convince all the unbelievers that they are peaceful, are invalid because the newer sayings void the older ones in the Qur'an when they contradict each other, and the newer ones are are the violent ones, the war , Murder and homicide against unbelievers.Mohammed is an absolute model for Moslems.

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