Thursday, July 6, 2017

CONSTITUTION 07/06/2017 PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO TO POLAND! (belies phony report about world acceptance)

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Sees 15 Dead in Border State Battle

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Missouri Rolls Back Minimum Wage Hike In Effort To Bolster Business

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Trump Receives Hero’s Welcome in Poland, MAGA Hats and Flags Galore!

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Say “No” to Cyber Bullying 
CNN Picked The Wrong Fight, Staff Has Personal Info Leaked to Public 
PETA Taking Heat From Liberal Base Over Sexism of Scantily Clad Slacktivists 
CNN, Others Go After Trump For Poland Speech, Claim to Be “Free” Press 
Steve Scalise’s Condition Worsens, Congressman Readmitted to ICU 
North Korea Gets Grave Warning From U.S. Forces in South Korea: Ready For War 
Will Puerto Rico be #51? 
News You Can Use for July 6, 2017 
Vast Majority Of Trump Supporters Ready To Strike North Korea 
Google Facing Yet ANOTHER Anti-Trust Fine in Europe Over Cell Phone Railroading 

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Hollywood Starlet Defends POTUS, Urges Americans to Trust Trump 
Outrage Grows After #CNNBlackmail Begins to Trend Worldwide, Network Imploding 
Never Before Seen North Korean Missile Capable of Nuking United States 
President Trump Promises Military “I’ll Always Have Your Back” 
New Poll Proves Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Travel Pause 
God Bless America 
U.S. Allies Breach ISIS Defenses and Cut to the Heart of their Capital City 
Democrat Options are Limited 
Ron Paul Explains What’s Changed 241 Years after the First Independence Day 
The Illinois Pension Crisis: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 
The North Korea Enigma 
News You Can Use for July 5, 2017 
Trump Immigration Enforcement Push Doubling Illegals’ Incarceration Rate 
Comedy Central Show To Lay Off Trump Jokes, Calls It “Boring” 
Holiday Travelers Gets Pleasant Surprise at Gas Pump This Week 

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