Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Anti-Israel Film Director Profits from Israeli Market! CLICK for Latest Israel News
United with IsraelMuslims Riot on Temple Mount; Radiohead Defies Boycotters, will Perform in Israel; Israeli Air Force Operates like High-Tech Startup! 
Israeli Lawmaker: Muslim Waqf’s Control of the Temple Mount is Over
WATCH: Meet the Most Dangerous Professor in America!
VP Pence: US Embassy Move to Jerusalem Only a Question of ‘When’ not 'If'

Film Director Supports 'Boycotting Israel', but Profits from Israeli Market! 
WATCH: Hezbollah Terrorists Pose as Environmentalists, Spy on Israel 
Muslims Riot Against New Temple Mount Security Measures 
Radiohead Defies Boycotters, Plans to Perform in Israel 
WATCH: Ignorant Anti-Israel Anarchist Struggles to Explain Support for ‘Palestine’ 
Is the Israeli Air Force Starting to Operate Like a High-Tech Startup? 
WATCH: Israeli Arab Blasts Arab Lawmakers for Not Condemning Terror 
French President: Anti-Zionism is ‘Reinvention of Anti-Semitism’ 
Roger Waters Likens Israel to Nazi Germany 
Why Jews Are Increasingly Unwelcome in Progressive Circles 
WATCH: Is Terror Rooted in Islamic Texts? 
10 Ancient Jugs Used for Tabernacle Unearthed in Shiloh 
Israel Reallocates Entertainment Funds to Purchase Wheelchairs for Vietnamese Children 

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