Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Latest Wells Fargo Scandal Demonstrates Devilish Debit Card Deceit

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Convicted Dog Murderer Gives Hairstyle Advice to Anthem-Hating Kaepernick

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POLL: Even After 8 Months of “Resistance”, Trump Still More Favorable Than Clinton

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Liberal “Fairness” Tax in Seattle Inspires GOP-Sponsored Civil Disobedience 
Climate Hoaxers Get Dose of Reality As Disaster Deaths Dwindle in 2017 
Satanic Monument In MN Scrapped After “Free Speech Zone” Removed 
NRA Takes On Fake News Washington Post: “Death” of Journalism 
Veep Pence Admonishes Divided Congress: “Do Your Job!” 
The NRA Slams the Liberal Media for Killing Real Journalism 
Another Russia “Bombshell”? 
The Government is the WORST at Healthcare – Here’s Why 
Unions Fall in Line Behind Trump as NAFTA Negotiations Heat Up 
Kalashnikov Unveils New Terrifying Battlefield Technology for the Russian Military 

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Bernie Sanders’ Wife Blames “Sexism” for Investigation into Her Criminal Activities 
Leftwing Black Minister calls White House Prayer Meeting “Heresy” 
The DNC Express 
News You Can Use for July 18, 2017 
CNN Figurehead Refuses to Acknowledge That Trump is “Her” President 
Reebok Claims POTUS “Sexist” While Exploiting Scantily Clad Models in Advertising 
Radical Leftist Rosie Tweets Out Yet Another Violent Threat Against POTUS 
Australian Time Capsule Letter Eerily Predicts Global Islamic Holy War 22 Years Ago 
GOP Healthcare Bill Delayed after McCain Blood-Clot Surgery 
Hiring Another Swamp Creature For The FBI 
Democrats Only Fooling Themselves 
House Democrats heard they Might have Been Hacked… but Didn’t Care 
How Much Should a $254 million VA Hospital Cost? 
70 Years Ago The Exodus 1947 Became Israel’s First Ship Of State 
The Media Reporting on the Trump Prayer Meeting Proves they Know Nothing about Christianity 

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