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With body cameras off, Minneapolis Muslim police officer SHOT pajama-clad woman “MULTIPLE TIMES” and had 3 COMPLAINTS against him

“A source with direct knowledge of the shooting said Monday that the woman was shot multiple times.” Mohamed Noor’s partner was allegedly “stunned” when Noor opened fire, KARE11 reported through a source. There were three complaints against this Muslim cop, why was nothing done? Were higher ups afraid of being called islamophobic?

Facebook’s Sharia Police Bans Counter Jihad Coalition

The Counter Jihad Coalition was formed to educate the public on political Islam and the threat posed by the encroachment of Shariah into western civilization. This past Tuesday the speech police at Facebook decided they were going to ban us.

First Somali-Muslim police officer in Minnesota KILLS blonde yoga instructor in cold blood

Mohamed Noor was the first Somali-American Muslim officer in his precinct. The Mayor heralded Noor's induction into the force. “I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department,” she wrote. They held celebrations.

Violence, fires, CHAOS at Muslim migrant reception center in Lesbos, Greece

"The offices of humanitarian organizations were ransacked." Police attempted to guard the center but were pelted by stones and fired back with tear gas.

“I’ve worked with refugees for decades”: Afghan Muslims responsible for rape of European women

A liberal with a modicum of sense, meaning -- she does not deny reality.

Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases

More of the continuing catastrophic consequences of Obama's jihad presidency --

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold media forum to counter “Islamophobia”

The question is why doesn't the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest world body at the UN, hold forums across the world for Muslims to institute programs teaching against the jihadic doctrine, Islamic Jew hatred, misogyny, creed apartheid, honor violence and killing, and FGM? Why doesn't Islamic world leadership address the horror and holy war in the cause of Islam? Because that would be unislamic.

Italian mayor BARRICADES hotel to stop migrants moving in

Viva Mayor Civa! We need an army of Civas.

The New York Times Spreads Disinformation in Shilling for Shariah Finance

The New York Times appears to be channeling Der Stürmer again. Sharia finance finances jihad. Further it has a negative, injurious effect on our markets. Islamic finance will not invest in companies or industries involved in entertainment, alcohol, pork and other elements prohibited by Islamic law.

Muslim Member of Canadian Parliament Omar Alghabra Celebrates Youtube Sharia Censorship

A few months ago an anti-Islamophobia motion, M103, passed in the Canadian Parliament. Member of Parliament, Pakistani Muslim Iqra Khalid proposed the motion. Canadians were alarmed and for good reason. Khalid, who has ties to CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood, balked at defining the term Islamophobia.

Mass SEXUAL Attacks and SHOCKING violence by Muslim migrants at town fair in Germany

How will the West respond to this war? By submitting and canceling our traditions, mores and laws? No war was ever won on the defense. This hijrah must me stopped. And these invaders deported. That will not happen. The two largest parties in Germany, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), have largely refused to acknowledge migrant issues in their campaign ahead of September’s national election.

Israel To BUILD ISLAND Off Gaza For ‘Palestinians’ including cargo terminal and an airport

A cargo terminal and an airport ... the better to bring in arms and bombs and fly them into Israel.

Al Gore’s Flat Attempt to Skewer Trump as Tweeter-in-Chief Who Gets Nothing Done

Failed presidential candidate Al Gore took some potshots at President Donald Trump on national television. But they fell far short of effective. Gore's a political has-been on a desperate last-leg run for relevancy.

10 killed including 6 women in JIHAD terror attack at Hindu’s holiest shrine

The jihad against India is relentless. At least 80 million Hindus have been slaughtered in jihadi wars. Centuries of persecution, oppression, genocide. For all these many years I have reported on the jihad threat in India.

Nigeria: Boko Haram executes eight people for defying Sharia police

One man wearing a white turban told the crowd before the execution that the condemned villagers were "apostates (who) have left the fold of Islam".

Migrants Travel to ‘Soft Touch’ Scotland For Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation is going forward with alarming frequency in Scotland, despite the fact local law prohibits the practice and jails those found guilty of FGM up to 14 years.

European Court of Human Rights upholds Belgium’s ban on burqas and full-face Islamic veils

Belgium’s ban on burqas and other full-face Islamic veils has been upheld by the European Court of Human Rights.

More faked hate crime: Muslima LIED about hijab attack in “race hate attack”

More Muslim faked Islamophobia 'crime'. It's a cottage industry. What is the downside for Muslims falsifying hate crimes? There isn't any. They are lauded and heralded by the world as poor grief-stricken martyrs. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent kickstarter campaigns. They smear good and decent infidels and when the jig is up, they say, never mind.
But lately,the faked hate scam has been taken on a horrible new twist. Muslims attack and harass and then cry "islamophobia."
If hate crime is so egregious, the penalty should be double for these vicious supremacists.

WATCH: Jew-Hatred Crimes SOAR in UK to Record Levels, Police Do Nothing

When the British government was working on banning me from the UK for my support of Israel and opposition to jihad terror, it was revealed that the British government asked Community Security Trust (CST) and American Jewish communal bodies to weigh in on the ban..... They sided with the oppressors. After the ban was announced they issued the following statement, "Our community has no need of their presence ...... “The Board considers their presence to be deeply unhelpful to community relations and would have no objection if they were not permitted to enter this country.”

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