Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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Muslim mother ‘forced to resign’ from Islamic faith organisation after attending gay son’s wedding

The irony is that LGBT leadership stands with these Islamic organizations.

Woman Hospitalized After Muslims Attack Her ’Filthy Dogs’

Dogs are haram under Islam. In the UK, homes in Manchester received leaflets calling for dogs to be banned in public places out of respect for Muslims. And police sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion.

Mayor in Italy: “We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED ” by Muslim migrants

A man who speaks the truth -- he better get security. Good security.

Washington Post warns of “islamophobic” “backlash” after Somali-Muslim cop guns down yoga instructor who called 911 for help

It's a win/win for the Muslim world every time there is jihad carnage. Jihad terror results in more sharia enforcement.
After every heinous Muslim attack (including Septemenr 11th), the knee-jerk response by media and cultural elites is a nonexistent "fear of reprisal" and cries of "islamophobic" tweets that offend Muslim hair-trigger sensibilities. Never does the Muslim world self-reflect. Never do Muslim leaders say, we have a problem, this is evil and we have to be good. We must expunge Islamic texts that exhort to holy war and hate.

Austria: Muslim migrant STABS “love of his life” in FACE and HEAD

The killer said, "It was and is the love of my life, but our relationship became very cold." So stop importing a group that treats their woman this way.

Christians Jailed for 10 Years for Drinking Communion Wine

Four Christians in Tehran were charged with "acting against national security" when they took part in the common religious ceremony of drinking wine -- representative of the blood of Christ.

Boston to hang 50 posters addressing public harassment, “Islamophobia” around city

The posters present "A bystander's guide to helping a person who is being targeted," with the title "ISLAMOPHOBIC HARASSMENT" in bold, capital letters on top.

Trump Calls for More Republicans to be Elected as Obamacare Bill Fails in Senate

All eyes were on the Senate, as they debated a crucial Obamacare repeal-reform package -- and once again, the Republicans disappointed. The measure went down in flames. Thanks, RINOs. Your track record of helping Democrats grows even more impressive.

FULL 911 AUDIO: Muslim migrant Mohamed Noor, who shot Jessica Damond, was ‘highly celebrated’ by Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges

The Minneapolis Police have released audio of the moments around the fatal US police shooting of Australian yoga instructor and meditation coach Justine Damond in a Minneapolis alley. Why did Mayor Betsey Hodges laud Mohamed Noor? Because he was Muslim and because he was from Somalia.

Jihadis slaughter 19 mourners, 23 injured in Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria

The police in Borno State have confirmed that 19 persons were killed and 23 others injured after four Boko Haram suicide bombers attacked. Boko Harma, Hamas, Al Qaeda, al Shabbab, Hezb'Allah, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, MILF - it's all of a piece.

New Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Gang: Police Investigate Almost 200 Sex Crimes in One Small Town

Tens of thousands of Muslim child sex traffickers of non-Muslims girls, one million victims - this, too, is sex slavery under Islam. And UK law enforcement authorities have done nothing, fearing being called "Islamophobic" and "racist" (Islam is not a race).
The Quran says to beat women “from whom you fear disobedience” (4:34). That creates a culture in which misogyny and abuse of women are seen as normal.


"20-years-old, physically fit with brown eyes"
It's not just the "Islamic State." Sex slave auctions are rife throughout across the Muslim world. Sex slaves are sanctioned, even encouraged under Islam.

LONDON: Muslim ‘sprayed heavily pregnant woman with ACID’ – man and woman left with HORRIFIC BURNS

Acid attacks are "popular" in Muslim countries -- especially against women. So it is not surprising that we would seen this new phenomena in the West with the advent of mass Muslim immigration. Acid attacks have spiked -- another unique Islamic contribution to humankind.

German Girl, 16, Who Ran Away From Home to Join ISIS is Captured in Mosul

A 16-year-old girl who ran away from her Germany home to join ISIS was just captured in Mosul.

New York Times hits Israel for opposing “philanthropist” George Soros

The New York Times, always reliably on the wrong side of every issue, always opposed to individual rights and freedom, is hitting Israel in this disgraceful and dishonest piece for opposing George Soros.

Macron Condemns French Complicity in the Holocaust

French President Emmanuel Macron hit out at those who deny France’s direct complicity in the Holocaust.

Russia Threatens U.S. Over Seized Mansions: ‘We Will Fight Back’

Russia has called on President Donald Trump to give back properties seized under the Barack Obama administration, threatening to "fight" if their requested isn't honored.

Fatah Calls for Violence and ‘Rage’ in Aftermath of Terror Attack on Israeli Cops

Fatah has called for "rage" and violence in the wake of a terror attack by the Temple Mount that left two Israel police officers, as well as their three Palestinian attackers, dead.

Canada: Arrest Warrant Issued for Imam Who Called for the Killing of Jews

A Quebec judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Palestinian-Jordanian Imam Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr following a B'nai Brith complaint. During a sermon, Al Nasr called Jews "the worst of mankind" and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on Judgment Day.

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