Wednesday, July 19, 2017


American Conservatives FURIOUS Over Congressional Failure on Healthcare

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President Trump Chastises Confused Congress: Cancel Recess, Fix Healthcare

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Body Cam in Baltimore, Maryland Nails Crooked Cop Planting Drugs

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MI Health Services in Hot Water Over Gun Rights Denial in Custody Case 
Trump Goes After Voter Fraud Despite 20+ States Refusing to Cooperate 
Americans Reject Mainstream Media’s “Overly Negative” Trump Coverage 
Kim Jong Un’s Latest Sickening Stunt Revealed: Schoolyard Executions 
California’s Do-Nothing Democrats Spawn Pothole Vigilantism Team 
Facebook Now Censoring Dozens of Catholic-Themed Pages 
Vote Single Payer if You Want Subpar Healthcare at High Cost 
VP Pence Energizes Crowd at Christians United for Israel Conference, Promises Trump will Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem 
President Trump Warns Venezuela to Tread Lightly 
Americans Focus on Real Problems while the Media gets Stuck on Russia 

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Corruption? After Bill Clinton got $500K for Moscow Speech, Hillary Clinton came out in Opposition to Russia Sanctions 
Liberal Lawyer Faces Media Bias for Daring to have the “Wrong” Opinion 
Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Trump a Good Listener and Someone with “Positive” Qualities 
News You Can Use for July 19, 2017 
California Unable to Eliminate Carcinogens from Drinking Water 
Liberal “Fairness” Tax in Seattle Inspires GOP-Sponsored Civil Disobedience 
Climate Hoaxers Get Dose of Reality As Disaster Deaths Dwindle in 2017 
Satanic Monument In MN Scrapped After “Free Speech Zone” Removed 
NRA Takes On Fake News Washington Post: “Death” of Journalism 
Veep Pence Admonishes Divided Congress: “Do Your Job!” 
The NRA Slams the Liberal Media for Killing Real Journalism 
An Exasperated Trump says Just “Let Obamacare Fail” 
Another Russia “Bombshell”? 
The Government is the WORST at Healthcare – Here’s Why 
Unions Fall in Line Behind Trump as NAFTA Negotiations Heat Up 

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