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FBI Altered Report To Match With Death Of Seth Rich

Image removed by sender.The D.C. police and the FBI are changing their story about the theft and murder in D.C.
By now, anyone thinking that Seth Rich’s death was a random robbery gone bad is probably not paying attention. The DNC staffer was murdered just before WikiLeaks began releasing emails obtained from the DNC servers. It has been acknowledged that Rich was likely involved with the leaks and either had or was preparing to release more information to the site. Rich is one of the best known and widely speculated on death related to the DNC and Hillary, although as Teddy Stick has reported, the body count keeps growing.
Now, Infowars has revealed a report they obtained from the Washington Metropolitan D.C. Police Department that blows apart a previous theory that a gun theft and Seth Rich’s murder were related.
Rich was killed at approximately 4:19 am on the morning of July 10, 2016. A theft had occurred in the same area, an FBI agent reported that two guns and several other items were stolen from his car the same morning. Originally, the two incidents were reported as completely separate and not related at all despite their proximity.Seth’s parents are still seeking the truth about their son’s murder.
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12 days later, WikiLeaks began releasing the DNC emails and everything changed. All of the sudden, the theft of the guns was reported as happening before Rich’s murder. The obvious connection was that whoever stole the weapons then killed Rich. The same day the emails were leaked, the FBI began offering a reward for the stolen guns. The information included showed the theft occurring between midnight of the 9th and 2 am on the 10th, two hours before Rich was killed. The original time for the theft had been between 6:45 am and 7:49 am, well after the killing.
The police department has not released many details regarding the Rich murder. They have never disclosed what caliber weapon was used to kill the man. This lack of information could certainly be because the weapons stolen and the murder weapon don’t match.
The report from the police also indicates that two weeks after offering a reward for the theft, the case was closed. Yet no suspect name was ever released. If they had a suspect or several, who they apparently think killed Rich with the stolen weapons, that would have been big news.
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The original report listing the time of the theft after Rich’s murder.
Another interesting detail revealed in this report are the names of the people reporting the theft. Not only did Agent Matthew Laird report his car had been vandalized and weapons stolen but Anne Marie Malacha is listed as well. She lives a few doors away from where the car was parked when the break in occurred. However, there are no specifics indicating if Laird was visiting Malacha at the time. She is a senior vice president at Dezenhall, a public relations firm and crisis management consultants. The connection between the two is still unclear.
This new report makes it quite obvious that the FBI is concealing something. The change in times is too coincidental and the fact that they made the alterations at all points to a desperate attempt to lend credence to the theft/murder story. As each detail is uncovered, the truth of what happened to Seth Rich gets a little closer.

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