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♥ America on a July 4th weekend open thread

"It was not the mere matter of the separation of the Colonies from the motherland; but that sentiment in the Declaration of Independence which gave liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but, I hope, to the world, for all future time." Abraham Lincoln

Majorca Massacre Averted

A devout Muslim arrested in Spain was plotting a stabbing murder spree in Majorca mirroring the London Borough Market carnage

Tourists attacked and SLASHED in Tunisia

Why on earth do Kuffar visit these places? Perhaps they are unwise, but Western governments insist on pedaling the "Religion of Peace," lie and people still foolishly trust their leaders.

John Bolton Warns U.S. Lacks Missile Power to Fight Off North Korea

John Bolton says America needs a post-ISIS strategy, and fast -- and that U.S. missile defenses aren't even strong enough to ward off a North Korea attack on California.

Justin Bieber Concert Venue in Chaos as Police Arrest Machete-Wielding Men

South Wales Police arrested two carrying a machete near a Justin Bieber concert -- an incident that rose fears of a copycat terror attack at the Ariana Grande event just a few weeks back.

San Francisco to Pay $190,000 to Undocumented Immigrant For Sanctuary Law Violation

A man from El Salvador and in the United States illegally was turned over to immigration officials -- and then awarded $190,000, because San Francisco law says he should have been granted sanctuary.

LIVE COVERAGE World Refugee Day: Back The Ban vs March to Iftar

Videos posted show happy infidels praying at the Iftar - in the name of PEACE - snookered into praying Islamic prayers.

Terror-tied CAIR threatens “CHAOS” in wake of SCOTUS travel ban ruling

When designated terror group CAIR says there will be chaos, what they mean is that they intend to make sure there is. Keeping jihadis out of the country is not chaotic. On the contrary, it is designed to keep the American people safe and protected. Chaos is what happens in the wake of an Islamic attack.

Spain: ‘DIVERSITY POLICE’ Guarding Mosques, Not Churches, During World LGBT Pride 2017

“We believe it is unfair that mosques and not churches are protected. We understand that we must avoid hatred against Muslims, but Christians have also been attacked and nobody is doing anything.”

Texas Demands Feds: Stop With DACA, or 10 States Will Sue

Texas is sending along some tough talk to the White House, warning that if the DACA program from Barack Obama years doesn't come to an immediate halt, 10 states will sue the feds.

ISIS Jihadists Force Starving Yazidi Sex Slave to Eat Her Own Baby

It doesn't get any sicker than this: ISIS terrorists have forced a starving woman to eat her own baby.

Police Report CONTRADICTS ‘Hate Crime’ Narrative In Milwaukee Attack On Muslim Woman

A Muslim woman who was attacked by a stranger in Milwaukee in April told police that she did not believe that she was targeted because of her religion, a statement which is at odds with how her story was portrayed in the media by local and national Muslim civil rights groups.

Refugee Groups Taking Advantage of Trump Travel Ban to Raise Revenues

Leftist pro-refugee groups have been doing some serious fundraising off President Donald Trump's travel ban.

Pakistan: Hospital that let Christian die now ORDERS ARREST of victim’s relatives to pressure them to drop charges

Hospital officials are trying to pressure family members of a Christian who died from lack of treatment to drop charges against them by ordering their arrest, sources said.

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