Saturday, July 1, 2017


Three States Openly Defy President, Refuse To Turn Over Vote Fraud Data

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Federal Forces Prepare for Radical Leftist Desecration of Gettysburg Graves

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ISIS Threats Number in The Thousands, Effect All 50 States Says FBI

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Trump’s Decorum Questioned By Shock Jock TV Host Jerry Springer 
Chicago Gun Violence Epidemic Gets Federal Assistance 
UPDATE: Active Shooter in NYC Hospital, Suspect Reported Dead 
Crazed Liberal Suspect Threatens List of Republicans in Courtroom Rant 
Bernie Continues To Evade Questions Over Wife’s FBI Investigation 
IT’S ON: Trump Says “Strategic Patience” is Over In Dealing with North Korea 
Fighting Back for the Rest of Us 
Hungarian Prime Minister says Soros “Mafia” Threatens World Peace 
Sanctuary Cities to Rebrand as “Welcoming Cities” – Still Supporting Criminal Activity 
James O’Keefe Explains the Media’s Real Fake News is How they Obfuscate Reality 

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Swedish Defense Ministry Warns Muslim Extremists Building Separate Society in Sweden 
The GOP Healthcare Plan Fails the “Jimmy Kimmel” Test 
Are Feminists Arguing that the Time has Come to Eliminate Single-Gender Athletics? 
The Bankrupt Philosophy of the Democrat Party 
News You Can Use for June 30, 2017 
Veteran Journalist Explains how Big Money is Manipulating our News Media 
Senator Explains that Capitalism is the Best Solution to our Healthcare Woes 
When it Comes to Healthcare the Democrats are Delusional 
Author says the Traditional “University Spirit” is Dead 
CNN Liberal and Former Obama Staffer Van Jones calls Trump-Russia Story “a Big Nothing Burger” 
The Trump Effect: Samsung Opening New $380 Million Facility in South Carolina, Creating 1,000 Jobs! 
Words from Our Nation’s Founders on God and Government 
CNN Caught Faking the News 
Democratic Senators Emails With Baseball Shooter WON’T Be Released 
Czech Republic Lawmakers Stick It To EU Government Gun Grabbers 

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