Monday, July 24, 2017


Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns over Muslim Killer Cop's Murder of Justine Damond
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Today's Articles

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Continues to Accelerate Unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture 
It was the Clintons Who Colluded with Russia! 
UN Has Anticipated EU Refugee Crisis For 17 Years: “Only International Migration Could Be Instrumental In Addressing Population Decline” 
Satanic Temple Founder: Over Half of Membership are LGBTQ 
Trump Should Veto Congress’ Foolish New Sanctions Bill 
Baby Charlie Gard Loses His Fight and the State Gets its “Death Wish”
Do You Stand With President Trump? 
Whistleblower Finds Cockroaches Scurrying Around At Phoenix VA 
Muslim Killer-Cop Mohamed Noor got FAST-TRACK TRAINING for Minneapolis Police Force 
If America Does Not Turn Back To God, There Isn’t Going To Be An America 
Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike 
A Mystery Investor Has Made A 262 Million Dollar Bet That The Stock Market Will Crash By October 
Former White House Press Secretary Offered PR Job at "Bunny Ranch" Brothel: His "Contacts will be an Endless Source of New Client Recruitment" 
It's Time to Track the True Victims of "Islamophobia" 
Military Just Warned Americans To Expect WAR With North Korea

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