Monday, July 24, 2017


Baby Charlie Gard Loses His Fight and the State Gets its “Death Wish”

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Shock Poll shows Kid Rock Already Leading Democrat Incumbent in Senate Race

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Truman Would Have Agreed With Trump On The CIA In Syria

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Trump Lives Rent-Free in the Media’s Head 
America in Transition 
Is Congress Tone Deaf with Regard to Hearing Aids? 
Leftwing Pundit Slams Democrats for Using Fake Russian Scandal to Undermine Trump 
Escalation? China Caught Spying on American Military Ops with Australia
LeftWing Group Pays People to Quit their Jobs and Protest Trump 
Is the USA Falling to “Secular Fundamentalism?” 
News You Can Use for July 24, 2017 
Alaska Prepping Another Missile Defense Test as North Korea Taunts U.S. 
Mexican Cartels Turning to Terror Tactics in Narco Wars 

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Scaramucci Tackles Insane Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory On Day Two
New York Restaurant Dictates How Many Drinks Parents Can Consume On Site 
Media Watch: The 8 Worst Examples of Media Bias from this Last Week 
MSNBC Pundit says Trump made Staff Changes for this Ridiculous Reason 
A “Trans-racial” Black Woman is Causing Liberal Heads to Spin 
News You Can Use for July 23, 2017 
Radical Left Recruiting Foot Soldiers With $15K Full Time Wage 
New York Times Publishes Info That Allowed ISIS Head Honcho to Escape U.S. Troops 
CNN Headquarters Under Siege by Massive Anti-Fake News Protests 
AL Governor “Shocked” by Trump Remarks Resigns Over Sex Scandal 
Trump Administration Moves to Eliminate Unnecessary Occupational Licensing 
Chuck Schumer Sees Massive Drop in Favorability Ratings 
Bill Nye Wants You All to Die 
News You Can Use for July 22, 2017 
Radical Leftist Teacher in Berkeley Arrested for Organizing Violence in Sacramento 

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