Monday, June 26, 2017


Is Trump Considering Dropping Peace Initiative? CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsFacebook Refuses to Block Holocaust Denial; What's it Like to be Attacked with Fireworks and Stones; IDF Prepares for Breakthrough High-Tech Combat; Why is Germany Slamming Israel? 
Netanyahu: Israel will be Here Long After Iranian Regime Disappears
Iran Sets Up Clock Counting Down to Israel’s Destruction
WATCH: Why is Germany’s Foreign Minister Slamming Israel?

Facebook Refuses to Block Holocaust Denial 
Israel Faces Battle for Jerusalem and Hebron at UN Conference 
WATCH: What's it Like to be Attacked with Fireworks and Stones? 
Technology Revolution Prepares IDF for Breakthrough High-Tech Combat 
Netanyahu: Every Jew Can Pray at the Western Wall 
IDF Strikes Syrian Military Target for Second Time in a Day 
Fearing Attacks by Hezbollah, Israel Upgrades Barrier at Lebanon Border 
WATCH: Misplaced Songs of Holocaust Victims Rediscovered 
Is Trump Considering Dropping His Peace Initiative? 
US Ambassador Slams Hamas at Ceremony Honoring Fallen IDF Soldier 
WATCH: ISIS Terrorists in Iraq Trapped 
Polish Official Under Fire for Saying Poles Participated in Holocaust 
Muslims Boycott Israeli-Arab Art Festival
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