Monday, June 26, 2017


Today's Top Stories

Germany: Woman fights off sexual attack by migrant, is thrown off high bridge

Chancellor Merkel continues to import these savages into a once stable and peaceful nation.

Gay Pride Marchers With JEWISH FLAGS TOLD TO LEAVE Parade #pulsenightclub

In the wake of the Pulse gay nightclub jihad massacre and the slaughter of gays in Muslim countries, gays embrace Islamic Jew-hatred.

It’s Time for Regime Change in Iran

There's a movement afoot that the Trump administration and the American people should get behind.

Iran Unveils Countdown Clock to the Destruction of Israel

President Obama fought tooth and nail for this evil regime.
Iran, under Islamic law, is viciously antisemitic which is a religious imperative under Islam. Perhaps that was what Obama found the most compelling. His hatred of the Jewish state is well documented.

Muslims in Bosnia preparing for jihad, expect to destroy Bosnian Christians in 10-15 days

How can Israel ever have peace with her Muslim neighbors when experience shows that in any instance in which a non-Muslim state is bordering on a Muslim state, the likelihood of war is high -- because Muslim aggression cannot be contained by agreements?

Robert Spencer: Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Keith Ellison falsely claims 35 mosques attacked under Trump

Ellison was, as will come as a surprise to no one familiar with his career, lying.

France and Germany: Before Islam and After Islam

The speed of the deterioration of freedom of quality of life in European countries that opened their borders to the massive Muslim migration is breathtaking. This will not end well.

New Documentary HALAL CERTIFICATION – The Unpalatable Facts

A new documentary looking closer into halal certification schemes has just been released by the Q Society, the organization that has long supported our work (and brought us to speak on tour in Australia).

German Newspaper Editor: Muslims Who Went on Anti-Terrorism March Are ‘Uncle Toms’

German newspaper editor Jakob Augstein, who has been identified as an anti-Semite by some groups in the past, wrote that Muslims in Germany who attended an anti-terror protest in Cologne are “Uncle Toms”.

Muslim father LAUGHS as he gives his five-year-old son a mock EXECUTION

A Muslim man who laughed over his trembling five-year-old son as his family prepared for the boy's 'execution' claims he was teaching him honesty.

Mother of “Palestinian” jihad attacker arrested for calls to attack Jews

Israeli forces arrested the mother of a Palestinian man involved in a Jerusalem terror attack last week in which a border guard was killed, as well as another man accused of abetting the attackers, the army said Wednesday.

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