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Random Thoughts for June, 2017.
By Robert A. Hall
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I have alas had to resign from my part-time job as a security guard. I enjoyed it, but I had told them I wanted to work 15-20 hours a week, with a maximum of 24. They are short handed and started scheduling me for as much as 37 hours, which was starting to degrade my health.

I think Hate Speech should be illegal. That is, as long as I get to define what is hate speech.

Unlikely and improbable are not synonymous with impossible, as I reminded myself when making patrols on my security officer job.

I hear the elements of the left are getting together for the largest protest yet. They are calling it "The Million Thug March."

Neighbor behind us has a sign. In the middle it reads, "We don't care where you are from, we are happy you are our neighbor." Above it is presumably the same message in Spanish, below in Arabic. If a Mexican drug cartel opened a drug distribution house on one side, and Islamist opened a bomb-making factory on the other, I wonder if their views would change. I don't care where my neighbors are from, but I care a great deal who they are and what values they hold.

Saw a car in Madison, WI. Prius. Bumper Stickers: "Women for Russ (Feingold)" and "Hillary." License Plate: Two Moms.

Contrary to what education faddists would have you believe, success and competence do not come from self-esteem. True self-esteem comes from success and competence.

Since the Qur'an copies a lot from much earlier Hebrew and Christian scriptures, does that not make Islam guilty of "cultural appropriation"?

Liberals couldn't care less that Muslims are carrying out genocide against Christians in the Middle East, because they think that Christians have it coming.

Some people can only be gracious in short bursts because it's so painful for them.

I have long thought that "Crimes Against Nature" would be a great name for a Rock Band. But I think a band named "Trumped Up Charges" might now get a good run as well.

If you killed a Jihadist getting ready to detonate an A-bomb in Madison, WI, half the city and the local press would condemn you for not trying to negotiate or reason with him first.

I like when movie copy writers say, "Based on true facts." Are there untrue facts?

Liberals piss on us and the media says it's raining.

Page views of my blog ( for the week ending May 10th, 2017. Norway?

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

Once nice thing about pets-- they don't post pictures of their meals on Facebook.

When Muslims sympathizers talk about the "Right of Return," they are not talking about a right for Christian and Jews to return to Muslim countries where they were once abundant, from which they have been ethnically cleansed.

If you choose to look like a thug, don't be offended when people treat you like a thug.

Some folks seem to think that their employee handbooks require them to treat people like jerks.

Having fun and being sensible are not mutually exclusive.

There's a mile of difference between empathetic and emphatic.

Saying, "Well, Trump is still better than Hillary," isn't the same as saying that "Trump is good for the country or the conservative philosophy." It's like praying, "I may be a sinner, God, but I'm better than that fellow across the street." Try that and see how it sounds.

On American campuses, the Truth is condemned as Hate Speech.

For some women, Mother's Day is a day of regret that she didn't strangle the kid at birth.

There's a difference between being old and being lazy. But it's not a big difference.

The cultural barbarians and the let-wing fascists have hollowed out our society until I now believe that collapse is inevitable. I have no idea what we can do to protect our grandchildren.

I met a black woman and her son, maybe eight, at work. Nice kid. The boy's name was "Zion." I thought when he grows up he better take care where he travels.

I met a Muslim from India at work. He told me he was born on August 8, 1944 and came to this country to get an education. I asked if he was almost finished. He laughed and said he was still teaching engineering part time at UW. Then he said he also taught Yoga. "Imaging a Muslim teaching Hindu stuff to Christians and Jews!"

If you have too many days that are to be "gotten through" rather than enjoyed, you need to make some changes. If you can.

If I ever go nuts and shoot up a crowd, say of left-wing protesters, at least the neighbors won't say, "He was such a quiet man."

Optimists are saying Trump has Delusions of Grander. Pessimists are saying Trump has Delusion of Adequacy.

Social Media makes people anti-social.

Al my life I have benefited from taking pride in my work, pride in my character, pride in my resiliency, pride in my coping skills, pride in my flexibility, pride in my service, pride in my family, community, country and the United States Marines. Yes, I admit it. I have benefited from Pride Privilege.

Maybe Trump is a masochist. Every time some one defends him, say on the Comey firing, he publically undermines them, saying they are wrong on his defense, giving his enemies another club to beat him with. I've truly never seen the like. Not even Nixon gave his enemies so much ammo.

I spent the last eight years thinking the president was a narcissist who was in over his head. The president has changed but, alas, not my opinion on that.

Internet Quatrain: "Republicans are red, Democrats are Blue, Neither one gives, A damn about you." Substitute the expletive of your choice.

Note to college snowflakes: refusing to listen has few advantages over being deaf.

Someone told me that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Hell, I said, I'm not even a fall chicken!

The dilemma for progressives is that the truth is so often not politically correct, forcing them into mental and verbal contortions.

There is no doubt that the media and progressives are out to nail Trump. But he's like a man told he's going to be stoned who says, "Give my five minutes and I'll collect some rocks for you."

I'm thinking of getting a gang tattoo. "Spanky" would be nice.

Science Rules for the 21st Century.

1. Find a grantor (government, foundation, etc,.)
2. Research to find out what the grantor's agenda and biases are.
3. Propose a heavily funded research project to conclusively prove that the grantor's premise is correct.
4. Receive a large grant with a huge stipend for the researcher, plus a promise of more "if the research is acceptable."
5. Gather data from a wide range of sources.
6. Discard or "adjust" data that might be upsetting to the grantor.
7. Run the remaining data through your carefully designed computer models.
8. Discard invalid models/results that are incompatible with the grantor's premise.
9. Present the research paper to the grantor. Have it "peer reviewed" by a committee that already believes the grantor's premise.
10. Publish the research as a book declaring that the grantor's premise is settle science and must never be challenged, earning academic credit from your university and royalties, plus appearances on media outlets that already accept the premise.

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