Friday, June 2, 2017


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VIDEO Pulse Nightclub Shooting Police Bodycam Released: “He pledged ….to the Islamic State!” ‘It’s terrorism in Orlando!’

There are no surprises on the bodycam. We knew. When devout Muslim Omar Mateen called 911 in the middle of his mass slaughter and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, we knew. Everybody knows. But it didn't matter. It never does.

France: GITMO combatant released under Obama arrested in France ISIS recruiting

What did they think these devout savages would do? Give out flowers and peace hugs at the airport, a la Hare Krishna?

Court frees Muslim migrant ahead of deportation, “In a month I’ll be back here and kill Germans”

This Muslim migrant threatened the police that if they deported him, he would be back in a month and would kill Germans.
Funny how his left wing school said he was so well integrated.

HOTEL UNDER ISIS ATTACK: Manila hotel shooting sees Muslim gunmen storm Resorts World hotel and shoot terrified guests as explosions heard inside

CNN is reporting - motive, assailants unknown. They are as much the enemy as Islamic groups waging jihad.

UPDATED: Vatican City “Explosion”

Alarming pictures on social media showed smoke spreading above the Pope’s walled city in Rome. Initial reports suggested the blaze happened within the Vatican walls with eyewitnesses reporting “Vatican on fire” and saying they heard a “loud boom”.

Czech Republic Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

The Czech Republic has formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Anti-Trump Group Funded to Tune of $20 Million in Government Grants

Dig deep into the financial records of one anti-President Donald Trump group and you'll find: Some of their money -- millions of dollars, actually -- is coming right from taxpayer hands.

Trump Caves, NO Embassy move to Jerusalem

As President Trump would say, "very sad." "Very unfair."

Conservative Group Takes Page From Liberals and Targets Advertisers on MSNBC

It's tit-for-tat time, and one conservative group has launched a campaign aimed at taking down liberal media like MSNBC and CNN a notch by targeting their advertisers -- a ploy used by the left against Fox News.

Preachers at Manchester jihad bomber’s mosque called for gays, British soldiers and non-Muslims to be KILLED

THE mosque where bomber Salman Abedi ­worshipped hosted hate preachers who called for British soldiers to be killed and gays and adulterers to be stoned to death.

Ramadan: Muslim stabs man carrying beer as he leaves supermarket

It is, after all, Ramadan. No beer for you! And this is the difference between Islamic law and Jewish law or Christian law. Jewish law pertains only to Jews. Canon law only to Catholics. But Islamic law, sharia, asserts its authority over non-Muslims.

What Is Sharia?

When Western politicians propose anti-Sharia laws, Muslim groups often insist that Sharia is simply a matter of basic Muslim practices, such as praying five times per day and taking the pilgrimage to Mecca. Historically, however, Sharia has involved far more than prayer and travel—most notably the various punishments for "crimes" such as apostasy and blasphemy.

Father confronts Muslim migrants stealing stuffed animals and flowers from Manchester memorial tribute

I would not be surprised if British law enforcement arrested the father for "Islamophobia" and "racism."

Jewish Student Driven Out of Berlin School by Threats and Violence from Muslim Classmates

Beatings and abuse from Muslim classmates have been cited by the parents of a Jewish teenager as the reason they removed him from a leading Berlin school.

Missouri: Muslim convenience store owners indicted following federal raids

A federal grand jury has indicted 35 store owners on federal conspiracy charges for trafficking contraband cigarettes, distributing controlled substances and money laundering.

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