Friday, June 2, 2017


Democrat Leader Admits Breaking Government Regulations, Blames House IT Department for Letting Her

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Liberals Attack Black Sportswriter for Daring to Disagree with LeBron James about Race in America

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The Unkindest Cut: The UN and the World Council of Churches has Embraced Hate and Terror

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When will Climate Alarmists start Acting Like there is a Crisis? 
The Corrupt Climate Deal is all about Wealth Redistribution, Not the Environment 
NSA, CIA, and the FBI all Served Subpoenas to Answer Congress on Unmasking of Americans 
ISIS Loves Kathy Griffin 
No, the Intel Community Does Not All Agree that Russia Hacked the DNC and John Podesta 
Shock Report Proves Hillary Shared Classified Info with Clinton Foundation and More 
Fox News Pundit calls Hillary Clinton’s “Conspiracy” Theories “Pathetic”! 
Liberal Noam Chomsky says Outrage over Russia Story is Ridiculous 
Is Heaven Really For Real? 
The Kerfuffle over “Covfefe” 

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The Liberal Mind Running 
News You Can Use for June 2, 2017 
President Trump Announces American Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty 
Guess who Loves Kathy Griffin? Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff 
Hillary Clinton Blames Obama, the DNC, and Everyone Else for her Election Loss 
Planned Parenthood Killed A Shockingly High Number of People in 2015-2016 
White House Educates Reporter who Tries to Attack Trump by Twisting German Leaders Words 
How the American People Allowed the Government to Trample the 4th Amendment 
Private Sector Nondiscrimination Laws Are Ridiculous 
Conservative Senator Explains that Federalism is a Native American Concept 
Hillary’s Many Tin-Foil Hat Excuses 
Report Claims That Reince Priebus’ Days at White House Are Numbered 
Elon Musk Threatens to Abandon White House Post Should Trump Dump Paris 
James Comey Planning to Vindicate Russia Conspiracy in Testimony About Trump 
Hillary Continues to Blame Everyone But Herself in Pathetic Appearance 

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