Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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Pamela Geller, COMMENTARY Magazine: “Is Free Speech Under Threat in the United States?”

Commentary Magazine has devoted their July-August edition to an issue-length symposium in which many prominent writers, activists and thinkers were asked to respond to the question, "Is free speech under threat in the United States?" I was asked to contribute. The following is an excerpt from my piece on COMMENTARY’s symposium on the threat to free speech:

Sweden: Muslima fakes Christianity to Infiltrate, SPY on apostates at Somali Church, POSTS ON FACEBOOK

Part of the success (and I use that term rather loosely) of the Muslim community's tight conformity to the brutal and extreme sharia is the vigilant policing by family, friends and neighbors, a "culture of denunciation."

“Moderate” Muslim Malaysia: Teenage boy raped, beaten and burned for being “effeminate”

When my organization ran an ad campaign highlighting the Muslim oppression of gays under Islamic law, gay leaders and organizations attacked me. Be careful what you wish for you, ladies.


"We are on the path that leads to the rule of Islam worldwide." This is accordance with the Quran and Hadith. They are fully armed, equipped and financially enriched to pursue their savage and totalitarian goals thanks, in large part, to President Obama.

Trademark Victory in the Supreme Court #SIOA

Today the US Supreme Court ruled in our favor, that the government may not refuse to register "potentially offensive" names (SIOA is not offensive, that is a smear). We have been suing to trademark SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) for a number of years but were repeatedly refused because it was considered "disparaging" to Muslims. Longtime Geller Report readers are quite familiar with our First Amendment trademark case. It was, in effect, an application of sharia law ('do not criticize Islam').We have been fighting to trademark SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) for a number of years but were repeatedly refused because the courts considered it "disparaging" to Muslims. Longtime Geller Report readers are quite familiar with our First...

Suicide Attack: Champs-Élysées terror in Paris as armed driver RAMS police van, car filled with weapons and gas bomb

The Champs-Élysées area has been surrounded by police in Paris following a suspected attempted terror attack.

UK PM Theresa May vows to stamp out “islamophobia”

The declaration by Prime Minister May that she means to stamp out "islamophobia" is chilling. That sounds extreme. This incident was isolated and singular. Why do we not hear those same vows and proclamations when the slaughter (and there is a great deal of it) is Islamic?

Radio Free Europe’s Soft Interview With Misleading Bosnian Islamic Terror Apologist

In an interview with Edina Becirovic, the author argues that "moderate Bosnian Islam" has nothing to do with Islamic radicalism, trying to shift the focus of security threats.

Dual Canadian citizens will no longer lose citizenship if convicted of terrorism under new bill

A Liberal bill that would make it easier for people to become Canadian citizens has passed the Senate, after over a year of back-and-forth in Parliament.

Kellyanne Conway: Trump-Russia Investigation Wasting ‘Tens of Millions of Taxpayers’ Money’

Kellyanne Conway told a Fox & Friends audience the left needed to put up or shut up on the investigation into President Donald Trump -- that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were being wasted.

HuffPo Scrambles to Scrub Website Piece on Executing Donald Trump

A Huffington Post writer called for the execution of President Donald Trump and Republican leadership.

Swedish “Islamophobia Expert” Joins ISIS, Now Calling For Attacks In Sweden

Swedish former “Islamophobia” expert Michael Skråmos, who joined the Islamic State and travelled to Syria, has now called for Islamists to attack targets in Sweden.

New York City Muslim Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ Storms Church, Vows to Kill Christians

A man screaming "Allahu akbar" broke into a church in New York City, vowing to kill all the Christians.

Anti-terror Muslim peace march in Cologne was expected to draw 10,000, but only 1,000 show up

A Muslim peace march against Islamist extremism and terrorism in Cologne organized by prominent Muslim public figures was attended by a much smaller number of participants than expected.

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