Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Megyn Kelly’s Stunt Fails Miserably, Ratings Worse Than Reruns of 60 Minutes

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“Resistance” Goes Corporate in Overpriced Clothing Brand’s Publicity Stunt

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Russia Ready To Shoot Down American Planes Over Syria, Warns Putin

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Student Group in Georgia Calls For Beheading of Republicans 
Susan Rice Unmasking Records Moved To Obama Library To Stay Classified 
BREAKING: Sean Spicer Gets Promoted, Will Oversee Admin’s Communications 
Massive Internet Outages Ravage East Coast, Fiber Line Accident Blamed 
Comatose American Prisoner of North Korea Dies in Hospital 
Terror Strikes Paris Once Again as Armed Driver Rams Police Car 
Rhetoric vs. Reality 
The WAR on Trump: A Guide for Conservatives, Libertarians & Liberals 
President Trump calls Obama’s Cuba Policy “Terrible and Misguided” 
Obama FCC Caught Red-Handed giving Liberal Groups Preferential Treatment 

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VP Pence: “Que Viva Cuba Libre! Cuba Si, Castro No!” 
New York Time’s Contributor says Not a “Single Good Person” Voted for Trump 
Black Lives Matter March on Madison Avenue 
Will ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing’ be Back? 
News You Can Use for June 19, 2017 
Kelly – Jones Publicity Stunt Gets Remixed to Add Sandy Hook Parents 
Amazon’s Ugly Truth: Retailer Intercepts Your Data To Monopolize Pricing 
Gingrich Mulls Mueller Move That Would Send Liberals Into Furious Fervor 
Trump’s Anger Over Russia Investigation Intensifies, POTUS Now Shouting at TV 
FBI says Democrat Party Operatives over Bribe to Russian Hacker to say He Hacked DNC for Trump! 
Boycott the WNBA: League now Supporting Abortion with Every Ticket Sold 
Radical Liberal Terrorism? 
Leftists have a LONG History of Advocating for Violence 
News You Can Use for June 18, 2017 
Big Brother Comes to Boston for Boat Race Via Drone Swarms 

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