Tuesday, June 20, 2017



A current online poll should be raising some eyebrows at CNN. Last week, the self-proclaimed "Most Trusted Name in News" network began asking visitors to their website: "Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?" The shocking results probably aren't what CNN was expecting.

Slightly more than 70 percent of respondents said the President should NOT be investigated, and nearly 30 percent believe he should. While clearly stating that the survey "is not scientific," the number of "No" votes among the almost 2.8 million cast should tell CNN something. Below is a screen grab of the results as of this morning:

[image] CNN poll

Back in January, Mr. Trump labeled the network "very fake news" because of coverage that he feels is biased against him and his policies. Many supporters of the President think CNN is one of the many leftist media outlets perpetuating a baseless "witch hunt" against America's Commander-in-Chief.

The results of Grassfire's "Trump Witch Hunt?" Quick Poll indicates that an overwhelming majority of our team members (95.5%) believe that the President IS being unfairly targeted. That's why conservative Americans must not leave Mr. Trump alone to defend himself against the Democrats, the liberal media, Hollywood, the Deep State and the Establishment RINOs, who are either running for cover or complicit in this witch hunt!

Too many patriotic Americans have been silent as the Left has vilified, undermined and attacked our President. Most reasonable people assumed there would be some decency and protocol -- that our new Commander-in-Chief would be given an opportunity to launch his "Make America Great Again" agenda. Not a chance. Five months into his presidency, enemies of Mr. Trump are attempting to lay the groundwork for impeachment.

Using Grassfire's unique FaxFire system, you can tell your two Nevada Senators, your Representative, House and Senate leaders and other members of Congress to STOP THE WITCH HUNT against President Trump. Click here or on the banner below to instantly fax your personalized message to dozens of congressional offices on Capitol Hill:

Fax Now: Stop The Witch Hunt

Here's the reality we're facing:

Unless citizens across the country stand up and DEMAND AN END TO THIS WITCH HUNT, they will win! This witch hunt will not end until impeachment charges are filed and President Trump is impeached and drummed out of office. And if they succeed in destroying Trump, they will have destroyed our last, best hope to drain the swamp, secure our borders and save our nation from the Big Government collapse that's coming!

This has been the Left's end game since the moment Mr. Trump went on stage to celebrate his victory on Election Night. Grassfire's "STOP THE WITCH HUNT" FaxFire sends your message directly to your Nevada congressional delegation, PLUS key House and Senate leaders. Tell them you are outraged by the witch hunt against the President. Click here to fax now.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. If you care about our country and if you want to retain any hope that we can actually drain the swamp, secure the borders, rebuild our economy, repeal ObamaCare and make America great again, then we must fight back! This is such a crucial issue that we discounted the different tiers of this FaxFire by as much as 38 percent! Click here to fax now!

Fax Now: Stop The Witch Hunt

P.P.S. As your online, activism-services provider, Grassfire is thrilled to offer this FaxFire to our team members. But we also provide customizable fax letters at the bottom of this page so you can send your own faxes. Simply click here for a list of targets and their contact information. Monthly PREMIER MEMBERS can send LEVEL ONE of this FaxFire for free by clicking here! Not a Grassfire PREMIER MEMBER? Go here to become one for just $19.99 per month.

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