Saturday, June 10, 2017


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Reza’s cake is melting on an open thread

Aslan's cake is melting in the dark All the sweet, green icing flowing down

CNN FIRES jihad hatemonger Reza Aslan

Good things come to those who blog.

Dutch government RETURNED Yezidi ISIS sex slave to Iraq but grants permits to Muslim migrant criminals

Europe continues to decline and deteriorate under the weight of the hijrah (immigration jihad), due largely to its spineless lack of morality and civilizational self-esteem. Ignoring the terror, mass sex attacks, Islamic supremacism and general chaos that has accompanied the Muslim migration of millions, the elites choose, rather, to persecute those who oppose jihad terror and the victims of Islamic supremacism and violence. Western elites bow to the conquerors and punish their victims.

Muslim ‘safe spaces’ where jihadis can plot jihad terror sparks outrage in Australia

A proposal by an Australian Islamic group to allow "safe spaces" for young Muslims to discuss "inflammatory" issues has sparked a row.
Safe from what, exactly? The kuffar pose no threat to them. It is the kuffar (Islamic world for filthy non-Muslims) who need safe spaces from Muslim waging jihad.

UK Election SQUEAKER: Despite U.K. Election Setback, Theresa May Will Form a Minority Government

Tories on 318 with one seat left to declare. The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland have 10, so she can govern -- just!

In the Capital of Montenegro, the Turkish Government Is Disseminating Thousands of Qurans

June 5, 2017. In a sign of how bad the times are in Europe, a NATO member country with a supposedly secular government that aspires to join the EU is sending ambassadors to promote Islam in European countries.

Australia: “There has been too much promotion of so called moderate voices of Islam who usually turn out be apologists for terrorism”

A Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist says the ABC plays a role in radicalising young Muslim teenagers by over emphasising how they are victims of discrimination.
Tanveer Ahmed, a cultural Muslim who moved to Australia when he was six, says the national broadcaster's obsession with perceived Islamophobia was often counterproductive.

Hillary calls for ‘understanding’ experiences, religions, foods — of TERRORISTS

Hillary Clinton’s solution to combat terrorism? “Understand” those different from us, apparently including terrorists, right down to the foods they eat.

‘I Married a Muslim’: Italian Women Share Hashtag Against Supposed Prejudice and “Islamophobia”

The hashtags launched by a woman celebrating her marriage to a Muslim man has gone viral in Italy, created in response to an article warning European women against such unions.

Migrant Smugglers Making $518,000 Or So Per Boatload to Europe

Apparently, smuggling migrants into Europe is big business -- big money.

Women Not as Likely as Men to Shrug Off ISIS Terror Threats: Study

When it comes to fearing ISIS, it's women more than men who are the more anxious, a new study indicates.

The New UK: Woman Outside Polling Booth Shouts “Vote Labour, let’s get the Jews out”

Welcome to the new United Kingdom -- but a woman outside a Borehamwood polling station stood there yelling, "Get the Jews out."

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