Saturday, June 10, 2017


Joe Biden’s Niece Gets Off Easy In $100K Credit Card Scam

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VIDEO: CNN Reporter Brought to Tears By Poor Seat at White House

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Satanic Heavy Metal Singer Drops C-Bomb in Filth-Filled, Anti-Trump Rant

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More High Altitude Drama For The United States and Russia 
Comey “Tapes” Being Demanded By Intelligence Community After Testimony 
TRUMP EFFECT: Gas Prices Hit 12 Year Low For Time of Year 
Marches Against Sharia Law Taking Place Across the USA Today 
Congress Blasts Obama Admin’s Coverup of Fast and Furious Scandal
Muslim Leader Resigns after Mosque Refuses to Fire Imam who Supported Female Genital Mutilation
Politics, Power, and the Occult 
News You Can Use for June 10, 2017 
Chimpanzee Legally Declared “Not Human” In New York Court 
Lawsuit After 900 High School Students Groped By Warrantless Cops 

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Facebook Patent Reveals Diabolical Plan to Spy On Users 
“Social Justice” Boot Camp Coming to College Campuses in Philly 
President Trump has been Exonerated but it Won’t Matter to the Media 
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says Comey’s Testimony Proves No Collusion 
Comey Testifies: A Disgruntled Former Employee Complains 
Will Trump Fend Off “Showboat” Comey And The Federal Zombies? 
President Trump Wows the Crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference 
Did You Ever Secretly Remove the Tag on the Mattress That Says, Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law? 
Obama NEVER Warned Election Officials that Russia was Trying to Interfere 
Watch: The Full Testimony from James Comey 
Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Legacy: Creating the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Promoting Anti-Semitism 
Who’s “Cooking” the Climate Change Books? 
Why have “End of the World” Stories become so Popular? 
News You Can Use for June 9, 2017 
FINALLY! Former FBI Director Comey calls New York Times Story on Trump Collusion “Nonsense” 

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