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CHUCK KOLB 06/10/2017

Leaks, Lies and Videotape !!! 
Comey’s testimony was supposed to be an indictment of Donald Trump.
Instead it ended up being an indictment of Comey himself as a leaker,
Loretta Lynch, and the fake news of CNN. ...
Maranatha !

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Shabbat Shalom - Parasha Behaalotecha - Light of the Menorah the Holy Spirit !!! 

3 Army Rangers killed, 1 wounded in Afghan solider attack, official says 
w vid by FoX 

Three Army Rangers were killed Saturday and one wounded when an Afghan army solider opened fire on them
in an attack in eastern Afghanistan for which the Taliban claimed responsibility, officials said. [...] 

CNN is Losing their War Against Trump
by TruthFeedNews 

Trolling Trump: The Rise of London’s Muslim Mayor - Sadiq Khan (5:40
Published on Jun 7, 2017 - Bloomberg 
The mayor of London is used to beating the odds. Sadiq Khan grew up in a council house and has risen to become one of the most important and recognized politicians in the U.K. But with the capital suffering multiple attacks by Islamic extremists, the practicing Muslim has attracted strong opposition, including from the president of the United States. This is the story of Khan's rise and how he picked up the ire of President Trump along the way. 

President Trump on British elections: 'Surprising'
w vid by David Jackson - USA TODAY

British election: PM May seeks coalition partner after losing majority
w vids/pix by Kim Hjelmgaard and Jane Onyanga-Omara - USA TODAY

vid Raw: UK labour leader's failed high-5 
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared to slap Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry on
the chest on Friday morning in a missed attempt to "high five". (June 9) AP

Russia and China Plan 'Enormous' Military Events, Make Deal Lasting to 2020 (1:55
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - DAHBOO77 - 
Russia and China are planning “enormous” and “important” joint military events in their future, after a meeting in which the countries
agreed a military “roadmap” until 2020. The superpowers completed a mass naval drill in the disputed South China Sea in September. 

Rep. Trey Gowdy's Benghazi malfeasances
by David Brock - USA TODAY 
Some say he's Ken Starr. I say he's Sen. McCarthy. 
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Yavoh ~ He is coming ! 
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh 
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה   
Minute by minute updates here ... 
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html 
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall 
Entire Media News on this Planet 
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Ramadan Bombathon - Day 15 
86 attacks - 1053 kills

Brigitte Gabriel update ... 
March Against Sharia -- March for Human Rights 

IMPORTANT: Please note that any location that is not mentioned on this page does not represent
ACT for America nor speaks on behalf of our organization. 

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Why God hates McDonalds ... 
McDonald's touts LGBT 'rainbow fries' 
by Michael F. Haverluck - AFA OneNewsNow 

vid Raw: Church bus crashes in Atlanta, several hurt 
A church bus has crashed in the Atlanta area, leaving several people injured. (June 8) AP

Protests erupt after police shoot, kill Tulsa man
by Rick Jervis - USA TODAY

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which
go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 

Matthew 7:13-14 KJV 

Leaks, Lies and Videotape !!! 

Excellent - exposing what is unknown to many ...  
Watergate-style Wiretapping Confirmed  
by Cliff Kincaid, Director - Accuracy In Media 

Key moments from Comey's testimony: Lies, leaks, hopes and tapes
by Colleen Shalby 

Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad 

Trump Holds Joint Press Conference, Answers Comey Questions 

Trump May Have Just Hinted He Has “COMEY TAPES”
by TruthFeedNews 

The Comey Tapes Conspiracy:
Did Putin Tell Trump to Do it? Or Did Trump Ask Putin to Help Him Do It?

by Andrew Anglin - Daily Stormer 

Trump fires back on Twitter: 'Comey is a leaker!'
w vid by David Jackson - USA TODAY 

Trump Accuses Comey Of Lying About Leaked Memo; NYT Says Trump's "Mistaken"
by Tyler Durden (0:58) - Trump Nation 

Trump lawyer says James Comey made ‘unauthorized disclosures’ of privileged talks
w vid/pix by David Jackson - USA TODAY

Gary Franchi reports ... 
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - The Next News Network 
Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Remember how James Comey’s testimony today was supposed to be the “smoking gun” the Dems needed to impeach Trump? Yeah, it wasn’t. What the heari
ng REALLY did was prove that James Comey did something VERY bad to hurt the President… 

WikiLeaks Offers $100K Reward for ‘Trump-Comey Tapes’
Alleged tapes concern private conversations between President and former FBI Director
by Mikael Thalen - Infowars 

Julian truth here ... 
Wikileaks War Lies and Videotape (43:44) 
Published on Apr 5, 2013 - Patriot Justice 

Trump tapes? If they exist, they could spell trouble 
by Jake Pearson - AP

State Department Counterintelligence: 
Leaks, Spies, and Lies 
Leaks, Spies and Lies with Robert Booth -- State Department Counterintelligence (1:11:15
Published on Nov 24, 2014 - IntlSpyMuseum 

Hacks, leaks and videotape
w podcast Matthew Symonds joins host Josie Delap to explain how the relationship between Donald Trump and the
intelligence community fell apart and ask whether it can be rebuilt. Also: Modi's teflon streak and fishy economics in Japan. 

 LEAKS AND 'LIES' Trump accuses James Comey of ‘lies’ and claims the ex-FBI Director’s testimony
showed ‘no collusion and no obstruction’
The US president has said he is willing to go under oath
to talk about his version of events after Comey admitted leaking a key memo about the President

w vids/pix by Jon Lockett

The “Top 10” Surveillance Lies Edward Snowden’s Leaks Shed “Heat and Light” Upon
by Lauren Harper

Now James Comey knows how women feel when the boss harasses them
by Alicia Shepard - USA TODAY 

Like Gretchen Carlson and many others, he was stunned, anxious and unsure what to do

Conservatives and liberals saw two different Comey hearings
w vid/pix by William Cummings - USA TODAY 

James Comey speaks, and Wall Street says ho-hum
by Adam Shell - USA TODAY 

WATCH: Everyone Is Talking About John McCain's Bizarre Questioning To James Comey (FNN) (8:04
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - FOX 10 Phoenix 

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Thanks beloved Ben Davidson ... 

Brown Dwarfs Dancing, Orion Losing His Head | S0 News June.10.2017 (5:07

Hubble Applauds Waltzing Dwarfs

The future of the Orion constellation

ALMA Finds Ingredient of Life Around Infant Sun-like Stars 

TRAPPIST Planets: OU Astrophysicist Identifies Composition of Earth-Size Planets in TRAPPIST-1 System

Coleman on CNN: CNN Destroyed By Weather Channel Founder Over Climate Change (2:38

Observing the Frontier 2017 Conference playlist w updates 

June Snow Again as Inter-tropical Convergence Zone Shifts (391) (3:10
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - Adapt 2030 
More June snows across the western states of the USA and a Nor'easter travels up the east coast of the USA and Canada this week with snow possible. The trend is clear that later and later snows have begun in 2015 with July snow through 3 of the last 3 years in the western USA. As with every grand solar minimum the inter-tropical convergence zone shifts, and with it brings unseasonable weather patterns as the new norm. 

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Tyler truth ... Space Fleet For "OFF-WORLD" Conflict Confirmed! 6/10/17 (10:10
Published on Jun 10, 2017 - secureteam10

You Knew You've Been Lied To But You Didn't Know It Was This Much... 
I'm not a Flat Earther but they are onto something (7:51
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE 

US BANKING COLLAPSE/2017/Surviving the Coming Catastrophe (19:06
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - BPEarthWatch - http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com 

Gary Franchi reports ... 
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - The Next News Network 
Scott Kelnhofer for Western Journalism reports, As the world learns more about Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old contractor for the National Security Administration arrested for allegedly leaking classified documents to the press, one thing very evident is her dislike for President Donald Trump.

Dearbornistan ..
Feds Stumble On What Muslims In Michigan Were Doing In Secret And SHUT Them Down (4:11
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - Breaking News 365 
Commentary in vid description ...  

Pole Shift News, Southern California Overdue for Major Earthquake (10:31
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - N.A.S.A Space News And Beyond 

Mark Dice ... 
Jeb Bush Defends Trump, Admits No One Cares About Him (18:29
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - The Alex Jones Channel -

Must be something near the Sun | NASA-SOFIA monitoring sunrise/sunset (2:16
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - MrMBB333 - 
NASA's SOFIA flying telescope are monitoring the Sun. Four mornings/evenings straight.
This Bird of Prey doesn't go 'hunting' unless there is something TO hunt. (Thank you everybody for the pictures!)

Published on Jun 10, 2017 - LATEST CONSPIRACY THEORIES NEWS 
On the off chance that the U.N. Human Rights Council proceeds with their outlandish predisposition against the country of Israel, at that point Nikki Haley has recommended that, with the president’s consent, the United States would soon be leaving and pulling back from this chamber. What a rude awakening for this liberal group! [...] 

New Harbinger Cycles 2017-2018 - Jonathan Cahn (55:59) 
Published on May 13, 2017 - Seven Spirits International 

Dave Hodges ... 
According to Experts Trident Subs Are Vulnerable to Hacking (2:40
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - The Common Sense Show 
Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time

Nutshell analysis ... 
James Comey: Loretta Lynch Ordered Cover-Up of Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation (6:48
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - Mark Dice 

Radioactive Plutonium Particles Were Airborne at Hanford (2:00
Published on Jun 9, 2017 - DAHBOO77 - 

*Upper Atmosphere Disturbance* | Ground instruments detect a "#Ruckus"! (6:12
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - MrMBB333 -  

This happened on our Earth 1-2 June 2017 (5:42
Published on Jun 2, 2017 - World of Signs 

ALERT! Contamination Has Spread to Sidewalks, Vehicle Gate and Hanford Worker Equipment Station (4:20
Published on Jun 8, 2017 - DAHBOO77 - 
Contamination has now spread to outside of a demo zone at the Hanford Site in Washington State. Officials at Hanford say the 'low-level' contamination has been detected on sidewalks, a vehicle gate and also an area where workers keep their protective breathing equipment. This is a heads up for anyone down wind of this site. The air monitors did go off and they have released workers from the facility. Stay Tuned for more! 

Ancient underground city found (10:38
Published on Jun 6, 2017 - Incredible News E3 

Amazing slyphs recorded ... 
Something Giant Face In The Skies Weird Clouds Make You Shock (6:18
Published on Jun 1, 2017 - ENDTIMES SIGNS-NEWS & CONSPIRACY 

Endtime climate change weather report ... 
Published on May 30, 2017 - space live news 

Watch this and Know these are the Last Days! (2017-2018) (26:30) 
Published on Jun 6, 2017 - space live news 

Planet X Nibiru Update 1st June 2017 Nibiru Begining POLE SHIFT, Catastrophe is Coming Delete Earth (45:58) 
Published on Jun 1, 2017 - Secret Space 

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Proud to be a Jew and an Israeli 
I am Israeli - אני ישראלי (1:54) 

Birkat Kohanim (4:08

Washington A Man of Prayer 2015 - Jonathan Cahn's message (8:53
w transcript - Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Gives America a Final Warning  
Thanks - beloved Timothy A. Pope 

The King James Bible Documentary (59:06) 
Published on Jul 15, 2013 - Brian McClurg 

Guns, Islam and Orlando - Bill Whittle (4:19

Greatest vid on planetary truth ever made - Christine Hummingbird 
Snatched away from the Lie: Flat Earth, Wernher Von Braun, and The Manchild (4:10:40

MIDNIGHT RIDE - When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law (1:50:55

Greatest INTEL vids ever made ... 
WORLD WAR 3 – END OF DAYS – 2015 (3:28
Russia & China Vs USA WW3 (13:28

People all Over the World Join Hands Start a Trump Train (5:44
The Trump Family That I Know - Lynne Patton (5:15
Best campaign Ad ever made ... 
The greatest video of TRUMP you will ever see ... (8:27
Donald J. Trump - Once Upon a Time in America (2:17
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (27:50) 
Bob Hope best movie line ever (0:24

The #1 Risk To Earth - Killshot (20:59) - Ben Davidson 

Rise Up ! An Anthem For The Revolution - LogisticsMonster (5:18
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield 1967 (2:37
A Few Good Man "You Can't Handle the Truth" (1:50

Southern Heritage News & Views 
Under God, our Vindicator 

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