Tuesday, June 6, 2017


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5-year-old child stabbed to death by Muslim migrant in Germany

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD child was stabbed to death by an Afghan national at a refugee shelter in southeastern Germany.

Theresa May and the London Bridge Massacre

Following the London Bridge Massacre, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plan for defeating jihad: Governments must unite to block online extremism. While shutting down online terrorist recruiters would be a worthwhile task, we have good reason to question May's agenda.

Facebook removes video by Jewish leader which links jihad terror to Islam

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has removed a video posted by a prominent Jewish community member after he said there is a clear connection between terrorism and Islam. Further proof that just because you went to an Ivy League school doesn't mean you can't be an idiot (Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard).

London jihad mass-murderers were not under surveillance as they posed ‘LOW RISK’

The UK is out of control. Perhaps law enforcement should spend less time policing Facebook and comment threats for 'islamophobic' content and start fighting the jihad. It's time to bring over counter terror trainers like ...

Is UK going to elect terror-supporting Jew-hater Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday?

Jeremy Corbyn is running against UK Prime Minister Theresa May for Prime Minister. Needless to say, May is not nearly strong, clear, rational, or brave enough. She banned me from the UK because of my opposition to jihad terror and my unwavering support of Israel.So I know who and what she is. That said, the alternative is unimaginable.

Imam who incited London jihad mass murderer to kill lives/preaches in Michigan

Of course this preacher is in Michigan. Freedom of religion, right?

They Are Neither ‘Losers,’ ‘Nihilists,’ ‘Worshipers Of Death,’ Nor ‘Sick Cowards’– But Devout Believers Pursuing a World Under Islam

"The problem lies not in the perpetrators' innate character but in some of the core values of their religious belief system."

VIDEO: Muslim storms a Spanish wedding screaming ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as he ‘tries to assault the priest’

A Moroccan Muslim sparked terror and fear during a Spanish wedding over the weekend when he stormed the church and shouted 'Allahu akbar!' and attacked the priest.

If Ariana Grande’s show is “our best answer to terrorism,” London is doomed

It is the sacred month of Ramadan, and the perfect time for the Islamic war on infidels: seven were killed Saturday night in multiple attacks in London.

Austria: Muslim parents ‘forced their five children to watch brutal ISIS execution videos to turn them into better jihadists’

The children's mother claimed she saw nothing wrong in her husband carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle in front of their children.
She said: 'Everyone had one.'

Michigan: America’s FIRST Muslim Majority City Council “erupts in screaming, swearing, and little else” #Hamtramck

America's future. At this rate, they will be bloody brawls in the House and Senate just like we see in Muslim countries.

London jihadi was reported to police TWICE, filmed at park with ISIS flag,”radicalized” children with sweets and cash [VIDEO]

The still unnamed London jihadi was turned in twice, once by a neighbor and another time by a friend. Why wasn't anything done? Because he was a devout Muslim, a holy man in a country that now places Islam above all else. And because law enforcement did not want to appear to "islamophobic" or "racist" (even thought Islam is not a race).

Leftist Logic, Post-London Terror: Trump Travel Ban Makes It Worse

President Donald Trump's travel ban was condemned by one of Barack Obama's former advisers, who said, with a straight face in the aftermath of London's terror strike, that the White House chief's executive order would only make matters worse.

Pakistan: Sanitary worker dies after Muslim doctors fasting for Ramadan refuse to touch his ‘unclean’ body

In yet another incident exposing the lack of conformity to safety rules and the alleged apathy of medical practitioners, a sanitary worker suffocated to death on Thursday in Umerkot. The deceased, 30-year-old Irfan Masih, fell unconscious along with three other sanitary staff while cleaning a manhole on Chorr Road in Umerkot.

Google Celebrates Ramadan by Promoting Oppressive Clothing for Women

Google is basically glorifying Islam's domination over women by showing images of females in oppressive clothing.

UNRWA FAKES Gaza girl campaign with image of bombed-out Damascus

UN Watch today demanded that UNRWA chief Pierre Krahenbuhl apologize for using fake images of a girl in a bombed-out Syria building in a major global campaign to raise money for the organization by pretending the girl is a Gaza victim of Israeli actions.

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