Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Extremely Vulgar Anti-Trump Flyer Delivered to Residents in Testy GA Election

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Trump and London Mayor’s War of Words Extends to State Visit Kerfuffle

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TERROR IN PARIS: Notre Dame Cathedral on Lockdown After Hammer Attack

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Not Your Beast of Burden 
Canadian Law Allows Children to Be Snatched From Parents Due To… 
German Thought Police Fine Elderly Women for Migrant Joke on Facebook 
Hillary Believes That Understanding Radical Islamic FOOD Will Stop Terrorism 
Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts American Bomber Amid Rising Tensions 
Kathy Griffin’s Career Is Over After Beheading Stunt, Comedienne Deemed Unemployable 
The Irrational Fear of Carbon Dioxide 
News You Can Use for June 6, 2017 
Democratic Party Asks Hillary to Go Away, Stop Making Excuses 
Gruesome Cartel Violence With Texas Ties Surfaces in Monterrey 

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2nd Amendment In Full Effect to Protect Americans From Growing Terror Threat 
Socialist Bernie Sanders Rakes in Over A Million Bucks in 2016 ALONE 
Emmanuel Macron Makes Ugly, Underhanded Offer to Americans to Bash Trump 
Elon Musk: The Corporate Arm Of The Deep-State 
CNN Caught Creating News Narrative after London Attack 
Five Dead in Mass Shooting in Orlando 
Justice Ginsburg Must Recuse Herself 
More Evidence that Comey Colluded with Russia than that Trump Did 
Leaving the Paris Climate Treaty Dishonors God, Says Democrat Leader 
Liberal Outrage over Paris is Reminiscent of the Anger when Bush Withdrew from Kyoto Treaty 
London Bridge is Falling Down 
On the Paris Accords, Trump was Right 
Does Kathy Griffin’s Self-Destruction Guarantee Her a Job with MSNBC? 
Why is the Left Going Crazy about Leaving the Paris Climate Accord? 
News You Can Use for June 5, 2017 

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