Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Netanyahu: Israel Always Wanted US Embassy in Jerusalem; CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsSenior Advisers to Trump: Don’t Move Embassy to Jerusalem; US Releases Pictures of Syria’s Crematorium; Arab States Want Ties with Israel 
Top Trump Adviser Won’t Say if Western Wall is Part of Israel
Netanyahu: Israel Always Supported Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
WATCH: ‘Time to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital’, New US Ambassador is Told
Senior Advisers to Trump: Don’t Move Embassy to Jerusalem 
White House Rejects US Official’s Comment that Western Wall not Israeli 
WATCH: US Releases Pictures of Syria’s Crematorium for Prisoners 
Persian Gulf States Open to Normalization with Israel 
PLO Official: Too Soon for Direct Talks with Israel 
Low-ranking US Diplomat from Obama Days Denied Western Wall is Part of Israel 
Al Aqsa Muslim Preacher Calls to Annihilate Jews 
WATCH: Israel was Source of Facts Trump Shared with Russia 
Suspicion: Massive Cyber Attack Caused by North Korea 
Israeli Minister Calls for Regime Change in Syria 
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