Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Josh Mandel For Senate

I need you to join me in turning your attention to what’s happening right now in the governor’s race in Virginia.

Right now, Republican candidate Ed Gillespie is facing a tough campaign against a Democratic candidate who has been hand-picked by liberals like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and George Soros, or by the Clinton-McAuliffe machine. 

Friend, Democrats are zeroing in all of their attention and dollars on Virginia because they know if they can win this race they can go on and win many more in 2018.

Friend, I know Ed Gillespie and he is not only an incredible patriot, but a great husband and father. He will be a great Governor of Virginia and bring more jobs to the Commonwealth while also lowering taxes and making it easier for small businesses to open and grow. 

Virginia has had loyal Clinton supporter Terry McAuliffe as governor for the last four years and Democrats are hoping his successor will be more of the same.

We cannot allow for that to happen and that’s why I’m emailing you right now.

No matter where you live in this great country, what happens in Virginia will impact you. If the Democrats are able to defeat Ed, they will claim that as a victory nationwide for their liberal ideals and values. 

Please, Friend, I hope you will join me in supporting Ed. Your donation – no matter the size – will make an impact and ensure his campaign is able to run a winning effort.

To win this critical race, Ed’s campaign is going to need every hand on deck. The Democrats are determined to win it and are certain to pull out every trick in their book. They know the future of their party and movement depends on winning this race -- and they will definitely be spending millions to ensure their victory.

If Ed can count on you, for even $5, please let him know right now by donating today. No amount is too small. 

Thanks for your commitment to our great nation.


Marco Rubio

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