Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Senator Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano drop Bombshells: Obama Administration was Spying on Other Senators Too 

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Miss USA Triggers Looney Left with Conservative Common Sense 

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Washington Post Smears President Trump says He Gave Classified Intel to Russia, But Did He? 

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President Trump Angers Leftists by Praising Police says “True Social Justice” is Safety and Peace 
Why Does Black Self-Segregation Still Exist in the 21st Century? 
Everyone Agrees Trump has made the Media Crazy and their “Fake News” Proves It 
U.N. Assisting North Korea in Deadly New Endeavor…But WHY? 
Hillary Steals Sanders’ Mojo (AGAIN) With New Organization 
Kentucky Makes HUGE Move on Religious Freedom, Liberals are FURIOUS 
Germany Seizes Privately Owned Homes To House Influx of Migrants 
Trump Honors Police Officers in Ways Barack Obama Could Never Imagine 
Russia’s Two Cents on North Korea Runs Counter To Trump’s Attitude 
Democrats Odd Standards for “Evidence” 

Hey Liberals: Nobody Cares about Your Foolish Distractions 
Could it Be? California Revolting Against Democrats who Voted for Gas Tax Hike! 
President Trump Delivers Commencement Speech at Liberty University 
Fox News Loses Ground in Cable News Race 
President Trump Spreads Message of Hope 
Adam Schiff: Leader of Failure 
The Best Mother’s Day Movie Ever? 
News You Can Use for May 15, 2017 
North Korea Launches ANOTHER Ballistic Missile in Defiant Show of Force 
First Lady Opens Up New Portion of White House to Public with Classy Message 
Media Manufactures Comey Firing into JFK Level Conspiracy 
SNL Takes Up Residence in Colbert’s Gutter, Gives Filthy in Portrayal of POTUS 
Former FBI Top Official wants the Lead Benghazi Investigator to take Over at the FBI 
Blaming John Deere for Climate Change 
Life is Going to the Dogs 

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